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Palash Kumar Dhar

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:

Heavy Metal Pollution, Health Risk Assessment, Quality Control of Foods, Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles


M.Sc. (Thesis) in Chemistry, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh.

B.Sc. (Thesis) in Chemistry, Khulna University, Bangladesh.



Ongoing Projects

Principal Investigator, “Heavy Metals and Mineral Profiles in Commercially Available icecream in Khulna, Bangladesh”. ID No. KURC-RGP-17/20/8, Research Cell, Khulna University, 2019

Accomplished Project

Research Advisor, “Synthesis of Novel Catechol-Amino Acid Derivatives: Chemical and Electro-chemical Approaches“. Research Cell, Khulna University, 2018

Co-investigator, “Analysis of Heavy Metals in Vegetables and Growing Soil from Mongla, Bangladesh”. ID No. KURC-RGP-12/20/7, Research Cell, Khulna University, 2018

Principal Investigator (In charge), “Antibacterial and Anti-diabetic Activity of Fruit Extract of Calamus tenuis”. ID No. KUGACELL-04/2000-41, Research Cell, Khulna University, 2017

Thesis Research

Electro-oxidation of 1, 2-dihydroxybenzene in Presence of Alanine, Phenylalanine, and Leucine at Different pH Media (Graduate Research)

Isolation of Organic Compounds from Andrographis paniculata L. and Structure Elucidation by the Joint Application of Spectroscopy (Undergraduate Research)


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