Alpha-Omega team of Khulna University got ICT funding of 5 Laks for Smart Gas Burner

Smart gas burner is a concept of a system including burner which has automation functionalities in it. The whole system is built emphasizing on saving the gas from being unnecessarily wasted. One of the main and interesting features of the system is the burner turns on when cookware is placed over it and turns off when cookware is removed.

Integration of timer system
Detection and prevention of gas leakage
Mobile app integration
The prototype of this project represented in the make-a-thon 2016 competition by Alpha-Omega team of Khulna University students. They are one of the winners of the competition and ICT division has funded this project 5,000,00 bdt to help making this prototype turn into a product level. They are currently working on it.

Farhat Shahir, Subrato Sarker , Ferdous Bin Ali, Sk Al Zaminur Rahman , Kushal Ghosh are the active members of the team.