Md. Ashik-Ur-Rahman

MSc in Natural Resources Management

Graduated: 2018; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Awarded with Fulbright Scholarship (HM Queens Scholarship)


BSc in Environmental Science

Graduated: 2015; Khulna University, Bangladesh

With distinction and top rank in the class 


Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

Passing year: 2009, Science Group

Jessore Cantonment College, Jessore


Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Passing year: 2007, Science Group

Police Line Secondary School, Jessore

Natural Resources Management,  Social-Ecological Systems (SES), Geospatial Techniques, Water and Food security

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
No Research Project Available

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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1.    Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M., Waheduzzaman, M., & Waresul Hassan Nipun, M. (2021). Optimized municipal solid waste transportation with landfill requirement in a coastal city of Bangladesh. Environmental Quality Management, 1-14.

2.    Pal, I., Parven, A., Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M., Ullah, M. S., & Rahman, K. F. (2021) An Analysis of Small-Scale Fisheries Management Status by Focusing on Degrading Fisheries Resources in the Sundarbans. In Sundarbans Mangrove Systems (pp. 189-213). CRC Press. URL: 

3.    Swarnokar, S. C., Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M., & Mou, S. I. (2020). Conflict of Resource Use Among Different Livelihood Group in Coastal Villages of South-Western Bengal Delta, Bangladesh. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning15(7), pp.1089-1099. URL: 

4.    Gain, A. K., Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M., & Benson, D. (2019). Exploring institutional structures for tidal river management in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta in Bangladesh. DIE ERDE–Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin150(3), 184-195. URL 

5.    Gain, A. K., Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M., & Vafeidis, A. (2019). Exploring human-nature interaction on the coastal floodplain in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta through the lens of Ostrom’s social-ecological systems framework. Environmental Research Communications1(5), 051003. URL: 

6.    Shaimy, O. I., Asik-Ur-Rahman, M., Rahman, M. M. S., Sarkar, T., & Ferdous, Z. (2017). Assessment of Physico-chemical Characteristics and Functionality of Existing Potable Water Sources in Disaster Prone Area of South-West Coastal Region in Bangladesh. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 1-16. URL: 

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9.    Salequzzaman, M.,  Khalequzzaman, M.M. and Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M. (2015) Impact of Recent Oil Spills on the Sunderbans and its Possible Remedies. Engineering Day, 2015, Engineering Institute of Khulna, 7th May, Khulna, Bangladesh, pp. 1-11

10.    Ashik-Ur-Rahman,  M. (2015) Environment-friendly brick kiln to protect uncontrolled air pollution: A study on the technology of brick kiln. In World Environment Day 2015, Ministry of Environment and Forest, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. (in Bangla)