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Dr. Salma Begum

Professor Dr. Salma Begum has been serving more than 22 years at the Environmental Science Discipline Khulna University, Bangladesh. She has served as discipline head from April 2018 to April 2021. She is experienced with multidisciplinary innovation projects such as during her Doctoral at the University of Bremen (Germany) Dr. Salma was involving with an integrated coastal and marine research team focusing on the calibration of an environmental biorecorder in terms of ecology, ecophysiology and genetics. Later on, Dr. Salma was involving with climate dynamics group at the University of Goettingen (Germany) focusing on the Coastal Mangrove Sundarbans palynological study. It is noteworthy that Prof. Salma completed her 2nd Masters at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand at the Aquatic Resource Management field. Earlier, she has completed her bachelor and masters from faculty of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymesingh. Dr Salma has published more than 20 publications in the renowned international and national journals, attended relevant conferences and symposiums and training in Germany, USA, UK and other countries along with Bangladesh. She was awarded for innovative environmental research topic  in California, USA.  Prof. Dr Salma teaches Ecology, Oceanography, Integrated coastal zone management, Biodiversity, Aquatic Pollution, Pollution Biology, Environmental management, Environmental Auditing and relevant courses. She is involved with consultancy relevant to marine pollution, waste management and ecosystem monitoring  events in different organizations.  Dr. Salma completed environmental impact assessment of different industries and served as  technical advisory board member for ecological studies in Khulna division. Dr. Salma is involved with multidisciplinary research projects on marine and  coastal functional ecology, climate change, gender and development, wetland ecosystem and waste management, biodiversity, value chain analysis, climate adaptation and blue economy in the coastal and marine area for  maintaining ecological and environmental harmony in terms of the sustainable development.






Names of Examination

Year of Passing


University of Göttingen, Germany



Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics, 

-Erasmus Mundus Post-Doctoral



University of Bremen, Germany



Dept. of Biology and Chemistry  

Field:Functional Ecology

Doctor of Natural Science (Dr. rer.nat.)



Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand



Aquaculture and Aquatic Resource Management

Master of Science




Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh



Fisheries Technology

Master of Science



First Class

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh


1992, held on 1994

Faculty of Fisheries

B.Sc. (Hons.) Fisheries

1992 (Awarded in 1994)

First Class

Rajshahi Board




Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)


First Class

Rajshahi Board




Secondary School Certificate (SSC)


First Class

Ecosystem ecology, Ecological history, Biodiversity, Marine and coastal management, Global warming and climate change, Gender issues, wetland ecology, climate adaptation, waste and flood management.

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
No Research Project Available

A)       From 2009 to Till Date


Employer:  Khulna University

Positions held:  Professor, Environmental Science Discipline


From April 2018- April 2021 served as  discipline head
Environmental Science Discipline


B)    From 2005 to 2009

Employer:  Khulna University

Positions held:  Associate Professor, Environmental Science Discipline


C)    From 2001 to 2005

Employer:  Khulna University

Positions held:  Assistant Professor, Environmental Science Discipline


D)    From 1999 to  2001

Employer:  Khulna University

Positions held:  Lecturer, Environmental Science Discipline


E)    From  1998 to 1999

Employer:  Khulna University

Positions held:  Contract Teacher, Environmental Science Discipline


F)     From  1998 to  1998

Employer:  Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute

Positions held:  Scientific Officer


G)   From 1996 to 1997

Employer:  Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute

Positions held:  Scientific Officer

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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Selected publications/ International conferences and trainings/ awards:

      1. 2021:  Ray S.,  Mondal P,  Paul AK., Iqbal S.,  Atique U.,   Islam MS.,  Mahboob S., Al-Ghanim KA., Al-Misned F., Begum S. Role of Shrimp Farming in Socio-economic Elevation and Professional Satisfaction in Coastal Communities of Southern Bangladesh. Aquaculture Reports (20) 100708.

      2. 2020: Begum S., Ray S., Das S., Hossain M. Assessment of carrying capacity for promoting ecotourism in the Sundarbans ecosystem, Bangladesh.  Journal of coastal conservation (In review)

      3. 2019: Begum S., Abele D., Brey T. Towards the morphometric calibration of the environmental biorecorderArcticaislandica. Journal of coastal research 35(2): 369 – 375 DOI: 10.2112/JCOASTRES.

      4. 2018: Begum S., Held C., Brey T. Lack of association between Genetical and Morphological variations for bivalve Arcticaislandica from six different sites of the NE Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 212:34-39. DOI:10.1016/J.ecss.2018.06.014(Peer reviewed, ISI listed).

      5. 2015: Das MR., Ray S., Kumar U., Begum S., Tarafdar SR. Livelihood assessment of the fishermen community in the south west region of Bangladesh. Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences 3(4): 353-361.

      6. 2013: Rahaman SMB, Golder J, Rahaman MS, Hasanuzzaman AFM, Huq KA, Begum S, Islam SS and Bir J. Spatial and Temporal Variations in Phytoplankton Abundance and Species Diversity in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest of Bangladesh. J Marine Sci Res Dev 3:126. doi:10.4172/2155-9910.1000126.

      7. 2012: Basova L., Begum S., Strahl J.,  Sukhotin A., Brey T., Philipp E., Abele D. Age dependent patterns of antioxidants in Arcticaislandica from six regionally separate populations with different lifespans. Journal of Aquatic Biology 14:141-152. 

      8. 2010: Begum S., Basova L., Heilmayer O., Philipp E., Abele D., Brey T. Growth and energy budget models of the bivalve Arcticaislandica at 6 different sites in the Northeast Atlantic realm. Journal of Shellfish Research 29(1):1-9.

      9. 2009: Begum, S., Basova, L., Strahl, J., Sukhotin, A., Heilmayer, O., Philipp, E., Brey, T., Abele, D. A metabolic model for the ocean quahog Arcticaislandica - effects of animal mass and age, temperature, salinity and geography on respiration rate. Journal of Shellfish Research 28(3):533-539.

      10. 2008: Ara H., Begum S., Ahsan M., Islam Z., Karim KMR. Soil and drainage congestion of BeelDakatia: a case study. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 34(1): 55-64.

      11. 2007: Islam MZ., Begum S., Ara H., Waliullah TM. Effect of Furadan on the growth and nitrogen fixation by blue green algae. Journal of Biological Science, 15:23-34.

Book Chapter:

1. Begum S, 2017. Macrobenthic assemblage of the Rupsha-Pasur river system of the Sundarbans ecosystem Bangladesh for the sustainable management of the coastal wetlands. In  C.W. Finkl, C. Makowski (eds.), Coastal Wetlands: Alteration and Remediation, Coastal Research Library 21, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-56179-0_22, 751-776.

    Other Training (National and International):

       2021: Flood Green Guide (FGG) Training for Women Water Professionals - South Asia.17, 18 and 26th July. The WWF         Environment and Disaster Management Team Online.

        2020: “Concept and Practices of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)” 07 – 11 November, zoom Online.
        2018: Training on genetic barcoding. Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD), Bandung,   Indonesia, 1-12 February.
        2016: Palynological training on “Atlantic Rainforest, Araucaria Forest and Grassland Dynamics on the Southern Brazilia                Highlands during the Holocene” Department ofPalynology and Climate Dynamics Albrecht-von-Haller Institute for Plant         SciencesUniversity of Göttingen, Germany. Winter semester 2015/201.

2016: INTegration of Ice core, MArine, and TErrestrialpalaeoclimate records (INTIMATE).The 3rdAn INTIMATE Example training school. Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland,20-24 June.
2015: A validation workshop on Bangladesh national action programme for combating desertification, land degradation and drought 2015-2024. Department of Environment, Bangladesh and Global Environment Facility, venue LGED Agargaon, Dhaka Bangladesh, 27 December.

2012: Training on effective teaching and learning pedagogy vs andragogy and assessing student learning Khulna University Bangladesh (collaboration with Auburn University, Alabama, USA) 3-5 January.

2011: Impact of Chemical Pollution on Aquatic Ecosystem. Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain. 1-10 October.

2009: Training of Trainers course on Disaster Management. Rural Development Academy, Bogra, Bangladesh. Rural Development Academy, Bogra, Bangladesh. 15-19 November.

2008: Tourism Impacts and Strategies in Coastal Destinations. Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences, Germany (European Graduate College in Marine Sciences). 11-12 December.

 2008: Scientific Writing. Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences, Germany (European Graduate College in Marine Sciences).16-18 June.

2008: Presenting Science. Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences, Germany (European Graduate College in Marine Sciences).28-29 April.

 2007: Polar Ocean and Global Change. Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences, Germany (European Graduate College in Marine Sciences). 14-16 October.

2006: Intensive German language course. Deutsch in Deutschland (DID) Deutsch Institute, GmbH, Berlin, Germany. Jan 2- Feb 24.

2006: Marine Biology Summer School- at Sylt & Helgoland- Germany on ‘‘Diversity of Coastal Habitats’. Sylt Island & Helgoland Island- Germany within the cooperation of AWI GKSS, IOW and University of Gdansk Poland. Sep 6-19.

2004: Gender, Technology and Economic Development (course Ed50.12), Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, Sep-Dec 2003.

1998: "Introduction of National Agricultural Research and Farming System Research management with particular references to fisheries”. Bangladesh fisheries research Institute,Mymensingh. 10-13 August.

     International Conferences Attended (selected):

      1. 2017: Akber A., Sultana J., Begum S. Comparison of physico-chemical features of Rupsha-Pashur river system of the Sundarbans ecosystem: a time bound study. IUCN-SSC Mangrove Specialist Group, Mangrove Symposium,12-16 sep 2017, University of Bremen Germany.

      2. 2016: Begum S., Islam R., Biswas R., Sultana J. Macro-benthic assemblage of the gateway to the mangrove Sundarbans ecosystem, Bangladesh. European Conference of Tropical Ecology:"Tropical diversity, ecology and land use"and Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology February 23 – 26, University Göttingen, Germany.

      3. 2009: Begum S., Basova L., Heilmayer O., Philipp E., Abele D., Brey, T. Growth and Lifetime Energy Budget of the Bivalve A. islandica in Geographically Distinct Populations’4th International Otolith Symposium, California, USA, 23-28 August 2009

       4. 2007: Begum S., Basova L., Heilmayer O., PhilippE., Abele D., Sukhotin A., Brey T. Towards the calibration of an environmental bio-recorder. 42nd European Marine Biology Symposium Kiel Germany, 22-27 August.

Important Undergraduate and postgraduate research projects supervision:

      Thesis supervision (MS thesis at the Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh)


i.        Impact of Ecological Changes of Mayur River, Khulna

ii.      Performance of Effluent Treatment Plan (ETP) of Garment Industry and Improvement Opportunity

iii.    Solid Waste Management of Chuadanga Municipality and Its impact on  the Environment

iv.     Water Supply, Sanitation and Health Status in Amphan Affected Coastal Area: A Case Study of Koyra Upazila, Khulna.


              i.      Preparation of an environment friendly diet using plate waste for sustainable aquaculture of oreochromis niloticus.

            ii.      Towards environmental sustainability through plate waste approach for oreochromis niloticus

          iii.      Contamination and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in sediment of the Sundarbans ecosystem, Bangladesh

          iv.      Value chain analysis of the golden fiber of Bangladesh (corchorus capsularis) from greater Khulna region

            v.      Growth performance of mud crab (scylla olivacea) under different environmental substrates

          vi.      Heavy metal accumulation in gastropod molluse (pila globosa) in the south-western part of Bangladesh

        vii.      Plastic pollution and its consequences: a review

      viii.      Variation in reproductive traits (fecundity, gonadosomatic index) of mud crab (scylla olivacea) brood from different habitat types


              i.      Value chain analysis of Mud Crab (scylla serrate) in South Western Bangladesh: A case study

            ii.      Digital communication, environment and women empowerment: A case study to the Mongla, South western Bangladesh


              i.      The Sundarbans Mangrove and Macrobenthic assemblage: A case study in Dubla

            ii.      Comparison of physical and chemical feature of the Rupsha Pashur river system of Sundarbans habitat: a time bound case study


              i.      Macrobenthic Assemblage in the Karamjol area, Sundarbans Bangladesh.

            ii.      Macrobenthic Assemblage in the Karamjol area, Sundarbans Bangladesh.


              i.      Gender Involvement in Mollusk Market Channel in South Western Coastal Region (Khulna, Bagerhat and Gopalgonj) Bangladesh.


              i.      Morphological comparison of the environmental indicator bivalve mollusk from greater Khulna division-south western Bangladesh

            ii.      Ecology of the environmental indicator Gastropode mollusk from greater Khulna division-south western Bangladesh

          iii.      Environmental Impact Assessment of Earthquake: A highly paved area of Dhaka City

          iv.      Decentralized solar plant for urban household: a big relief to government subsidy


              i.      Post cyclone adaptation measures in Shayamnagar, Satkhira-the South Western Bangladesh

            ii.      Prediction of pre cyclone meteorological and environmental changes and post cyclone condition & coping strategies in the Sarankhola, Bagherhat district the South Western Bangladesh

          iii.      Ecological modeling of environmental factors affecting population dynamics of microfauna from foraminiferal assemblage: A case study of mangrove Sundarbans


              i.      Microbial decolorization and remediation of dyestuffs commonly used in Textile industries: A case study on Gazipur Dhaka


              i.      Spatial and temporal variation of distribution, abundance, diversity and productivity of phytoplankton in South West coastal zone, the Sundarbans Bangladesh.

            ii.      Study on major ion chemistry of the Sundarbans mangrove aquatic system during post-monsoon and winter season of Bangladesh.

          iii.      Physico chemical characteristics of sediments of river Rupsha-Passur, Kolpetua-Arpangasia and Baleswer-Bhola of the Sundarbansmangrove forest, Bangladesh

          iv.      Occurance and zooplankton abundance of the Rupsha-Passur, Baleswere-Bhola and Malancha-Kholpetua river systems in the Sundarbans.

Master’s Thesis evaluation committee (internal at the Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University):



              i.      Distribution and Annual Catch Assessment for Sustainability of Ten Economically Important Marine Species

            ii.      Macrobenthic Assemblage in Dubla island, the Sundarbans Bangladesh


              i.      Towards the Understanding of Past and Prediction of Future Environment for Sustainable Tourism: A case study in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh.


              i.      Nutrient dynamics in Kholpetua- Arpangasia river systems of the Sundarbans, Bangladesh.


              i.      Effects of live and formulated diets on the larval growth and survival of Clarius batrachus

            ii.      Fishing and marketing system in Chanda Beel under Gopalgang District, Bangladesh


              i.      Assessing the impact of Tobacco cultivation and processing on Environment in Western Bangladesh

            ii.      State of the water security and sanitation at Manoharpur union under Manirampur Upazila Jessore


Expert member for teaching selection board (Associate Professor and Professor):

              i.      Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet. 2016

Title of MS Thesis (BAU Bangladesh):

Studies of the optimum Dietary protein to energy ratio and apparent protein digestibility coefficient of some low protein ingredients for African catfish, Clarias gariepinus.

Title of MS Thesis (AIT, Thailand):

A Solar dryer as an option for post processing shrimp bio waste in Khulna district-Southwest Bangladesh.

Title of PhD Thesis (Uni. Bremen, Germany):

Environmental Constraints on Growth, Age and Lifetime Energy Budgets of the Bivalve Arctica islandica

Awards and Honours:

2019: Special guest on the International conference on environmental research, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu India.20-22 Feb.

2016: ExpertsAsia4 -Erasmus Mundus Post-Doctoral Scholarship, Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics, Albrecht-von-Haller Institute for Plant Sciences University of Göttingen, Germany.Jan-June 2016.

 2014: Research concept of “A study of valuation of Sundarbans Ecosystem Services” as principal researcher in the 3RD Research Concept to USAID’s CREL Project, Winrock International.

2009: Student award by 4th International Otolith Symposium (IOC). 4th International Otolith Symposium, California, USA. Aug 22-28

2006: DAAD-Helmholtz-Fellowship by ‘German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD)’, University of Bremen/ Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany, Jan 2006-Sep 2009.

2003: The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Scholarship-Masters Programme. Supported by the Royal Netherlands Government, School of Environment, Resources and Development, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand. Jan 2003-Aug 2004.

1) Biodiversity; 2)Biodiversity Sessional and field work 3) Agriculture and Environment 4) Agriculture and Environment Sessional and Field work; 5) Aquatic Pollution; 6) Aquatic Polution Sessional and Field work; 7) Limnology and Oceanography in Environmental Science;8) Limnology and Oceanography in Environmental Science Sessional and Fieldwork 9) Pollution Biology; 10) Environmental Auditing Sessional

  • 1) Biodiversity; 2)Biodiversity Sessional and field work 3) Agriculture and Environment 4) Agriculture and Environment Sessional and Field work; 5) Aquatic Pollution; 6) Aquatic Polution Sessional and Field work; 7) Limnology and Oceanography in Environmental Science;8) Limnology and Oceanography in Environmental Science Sessional and Fieldwork 9) Pollution Biology; 10) Environmental Auditing Sessional