Sadhon Chandra Swarnokar

Mr. Swarnokar is a faculty member (Lecturer) in Environmental Science Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh and providing his services since 15th July, 2019 to till date. Generally, Mr. Swarnokar's research interest encompasses various  range of environmental field. His research interest particularly focus on "Hydro-chemical Characterization and Water Quality Issues; Coastal Environmental and Resource Use Conflicts; Social and Ecological Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals"  including "Tidal River Management (TRM) and Livelihood Security" in the southwestern Bengal Delta, which is one of most climate sensitive stressed zone of the world.




July 2015-July 2017

Master in Environmental Science (MSc.)

Environmental Science Discipline

Life Science School, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Thesis title: Understanding Environmental Conflict: A Case Study from Shyamnagar, Satkhira, South-western Coastal Bangladesh


January 2010-May 2015

Bachelor in Environmental Science (BSc.)

Environmental Science Discipline

Life Science School, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Thesis title: Hydrochemical Characteristics and Suitability Assessment of Groundwater in the South-West Coastal Region of Bangladesh



# University Grand Commission (UGC) Scholarship

# Junior High School Scholarship

# Primary School Scholarship

# Best student gold-medalist from B.T.G.R Higher Secondary School

# Secured 2nd position on research work presentation in the “3rd International Seminar on Earth System Processes, Interruptions and Issues”, held on April 19-20, 2017 at University of Gour Banga, West Bengal, India.

# Secured 3rd position in “Five Minute Talk (5MT) Competition”, Life Science School, Khulna University, 2016.

 # Awarded as a champion team player in Inter Discipline Handball competition”, Khulna University, 2013.

Training and Courses                                                                                                                                               

§  Participated the Training Program on “Financial Management of Research Grant” on 09 April 2022 organized by IQAC and KURC, Khulna University.

§  Successfully completed Training Program for the Academicians, Module I: Teaching and learning, organized by CETL, Khulna University, Bangladesh from 04-07 November 2021.

§  Successfully completed Training Program on Module II: Teaching, Learning and Assessment on 02 March 2022, organized by IQAC, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

§  Participated 3 Days Training Workshop on "Are your online students engaged?" organized by Institute for the Development of Online Learning (IDOL) and IQAC, Khulna University on 17, 19 & 21 January, 2021.

§  Participated 2 Days Training Workshop on “Motivation and Ability Framework (MOTA): A Feasibility Analysis Tool to aid Strategic Planning and Implementation.” Jointly organized by CEGIS, IDM of KUET and Environmental Science Discipline of Khulna University on 23rd and 24th September 2020 at CSS AVA Center, Khulna.

§  Attended a 2 days training on Pedagogy ‘Teaching and Learning’ (Module I) organized by CETL, Khulna University on 4th & 5th January, 2019.

# Joined the training program on “Participatory Research” organized by Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi from 17/07/2017 to 21/07/2017

Encompasses various range of environmental field, particularly focus on 

     Hydro-chemical Characterization and Water Quality Issues including "Tidal River Management (TRM) 

     Climate Changes and Livelihood Security" in the southwestern Bengal Delta

Good command on environmental issues

     Community development through stakeholder engagement

    capacity development and connecting water-nature-livelihood



 ** 15th July, 2019- to till Date; Lecturer, Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.


11/2021 - Present

Principal Investigator- Assessment of Drinking Water Quality of Hospital, Clinic and Diagnostic Center in and around Khulna City Corporation (KCC), Bangladesh, Research Cell of Khulna University, Bangladesh

02/2021 – 03/2021

Consultant (Environmentalist: Sustainability Concern Limited) – IEE in Mongla Power Pack Economic Zone, Mongla

10/2017 - 04/2018

Research Assistant: Reconstructing innovative trajectories for sustainable management of coastal zone of Bangladesh

09/2015 – 09/2016

Research Assistant: Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change (PROTIC) - Oxfam-Monash Action Research Project.


Research Assistant on a research project under University of Southampton, UK “Participatory modelling for conceptual system dynamic model of socio-ecological system in Bangladesh Delta” from 10/02/2015 to 10/05/2015.

Research Assistant on a sub-project entitled “Sustainable yield of ecosystem services based shrimp aquaculture and its suitability as livelihood adaptation option in the context of climate change: a case study of southwest coastal Bangladesh”, under (DECCMA) Project, from 01/07/2015 to 31/12/2015.

Research Assistant on a doctoral study “Understanding and Measuring Responsiveness of Human Resource for Health in Rural Bangladesh”, under Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore, Maryland, USA in association with BRAC University, from 15/12/2014 to 15/02/ 2015.


Research Assistant on sanitation and hygiene of Kyoto University, Japan entitled “Relation between Drinking Water Quality and Behavioral Pattern of Community People in Khulna City Corporation (KCC), Khulna”, from 10th August to 23th October 2014

Volunteer Assistant from 1st January to 30th December 2014 for the project entitled ‘‘Assessment and Evaluation of the Natural Water Suitability for Irrigation in and around Sailmari River, Khulna’’.

Responsible as data enumerator for traffic volume survey and writing report about “Environmental and Socio-economic monitoring of Khulna 1320MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant”, from 10th March 2014 to 21th October 2014

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Publication List (Journal Articles Peer-Reviewed)

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    • Sultana, Z., Mallick, B., Biswas, B., Swarnokar, S.C., Biswas, D., Brahma, P.P., Kaizer, A.B., Roy, T. and Tamim, MY.  Role of gender and political connectedness after extreme events in coastal Bangladesh. Climate Action (Springer), 1(7), 1-12.   
    • Swarnokar, S.C., Ashik-Ur-Rahman, M. and Mou, S.I., 2020. Conflict of Resource Use Among Different Livelihood Group in Coastal Villages of South-Western Bengal Delta, Bangladesh. Planning15(7), pp.1089-1099.
    • Swarnokar, S.  C., Hassan, N., Rahman, M., Islam, M. M., & Ara, M.  H. (2019). Assessment of Groundwater Quality in a Tidal River Basin of the Ganges Delta in Bangladesh. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 7, 131-151.
    • Al Masud, M.M., Moni, N.N., Azad, A.K. and Swarnokar, S.C. (2018). Impact of Tidal River Management on Livestock in the Ganges - Brahmaputra Basin, Journal of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences, 6(5), 1-9.
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Articles in Conference/Seminar Proceeding

    • Al Masud, M.M. and Swarnokar, S.C. (2022). Assessing the Impact of Waterlogging on Health and Education of Orphans in the Southwest Region of Bangladesh. 1St International Conference on Environment: Climate Change and Ecosystem Restoration (19-20 February, 2022, Khulna University Premises), Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University.
    • Swarnokar, S.C., Rahman M.and Hassan, N. (2021). Irrigation Water Quality Assessment along the Coastal River Bank: A Case Study at Shailmari River Basin, Southwest Bangladesh. GOBESHONA Global Conference-1, 18th - 24th January, 2021.
    • Swarnokar, S.C. and Hassan, N. (2017). Hydrochemical Characteristics and Suitability Assessment of Groundwater in the South-west Coastal Region of Bangladesh, 3rd International Seminar on Earth System Processes, Interruptions and Issues, 19-20 April, 2017, University of Gour Banga, West Bengal, India.