Room no.: 2134 (Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Lab), Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Academic Building (Life Science Building), Khulna University




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Md. Tareq Bin Salam


Research Interest:

Soil Carbon Sequestration and Climatic Adaptation, Sustainable Soil Management and Soil Conservation


BSc in Soil Science from Khulna University

MS in Soil Science from Khulna University    


List of Conference and Training:

1.      Attended 1st International conference on Environmental Science and Resource management 2019 as a paper presenter in Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology. University, Tangail, Bangladesh.

2.      Attended International conference on Delta Plan 2100 and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh, 2019 as a paper presenter in Krishibid Institute (KBI), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3.      Attended 1st International Conference on Biological and Environmental Research: Recent Development, Challenges and Future prospects (ICBER 2018) as a paper presenter in Jashore University of Science and Technology, Jashore, Bangladesh.

4.      Attended 5-days ‘Training workshop on Participatory panning tools for strategic delta planning and management’ arranged by CEGIS and IHE Delft.

5.      Attended in 2-day Training on Pedagogy, Module I: Teaching and Learning, 2019, arranged by Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Khulna University.

6.      Attended in 2-day Training on Pedagogy, Module II: Teaching and Learning, 2019, arranged by Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Khulna University.

7.      Attended more than 10 international training and workshop during corporate tenure (2012-2018) at Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. regarding on professional development and grooming.

Research Projects:

1.      In 2019, Joint project has been started with Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI, Gazipur) entitled ‘Adaptation of New Rice Varieties under Stress Condition’.

2.      In 2019, Join work with Uttran (NGO) entitled ‘Agro-ecological and Socio-economical Impact of Tidal River Management in Southwestern Bangladesh.

3.      In 2019, Project has been started entitled ‘Tobacco Cultivation Influences on Soils, Crops and Environmental Degradation in Rangpur District, Bangladesh’ funded by Khulna University Research Cell.


Had a exposure to work in Global no.1 FnB MNC "Nestle Bangladesh Ltd." for 6 years


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7.      Ahsan, S., Salam, M.T.B. and *Billah, S.M. 2013. “Impact of Shrimp processing industries on the chemical properties of soils of Rupsha Upazila, Khulna, Bangladesh” Khulna University Studies, volume 11 (1&2) and 12 (1&2): 27-32.

(*=Corresponding Author)