Soil Science Discipline at Khulna University has both an illustrious past and significant prospects for contributing to the future. Established in 1999 as ‘Soil Science Discipline’, it was later renamed as Soil, Water and Environment Discipline (SWED) in 2017. The current name reflects the areas where the faculty and students can employ their expertise and are expected to make major contributions.

The SWED provides undergraduate and graduate teaching, conducts extensive research, and has significant extension outreach responsibilities. The activities of this discipline are widespread over the country as the soil, water and environment as well as their types, nature and processes and extent vary widely.

The discipline’s early emphasis was on soil inventory and an assessment of nutrient needs of agricultural crops. Improved natural resource management, enhanced agricultural production efficiency, and interactions of these factors with climate change have been issues amply voiced by the public and are topics of continued scientific investigation. SWED will continue to contribute to these most important areas in the future.

Course curricula are designed aiming at fulfilling the regional, national and international demand and providing necessary knowledge to its graduates to be capable of carrying out diversified researches and their applications in the field of Soil Science, Agriculture, Environment as well as Water Management.

SWED has linkage with SRDI (Soil Resource Development Institute) and Department of Soil, Water and Environment, Dhaka University.

SWED has six well-equipped labs (Soil Physics lab, Soil Chemistry lab, Soil Microbiology lab, Soil fertility and plant nutrition lab, Digestion lab, and Field Lab) and a modern seminar library.

Since the domain of this discipline are soil, water and environment, the irreplaceable resources of the earth, this discipline is commited to produce competent graduates to face future challenges of utilization, conservation and management of these as natural resources.