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Dr. Md Ashiq Ur Rahman

PhD in Urban Studies

Institute for Building and Urban Design, School of Built Environment, Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom 

MSc in Urban Development Planning

Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning 

Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) School, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Housing; Community-led Development; Urban Governance 

Academic Experience

Currently working as Professor of Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh

From 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2019, worked as Guest Professor & Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Department of International Urbanism of Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart, Germany. 

Research and Consultancy 

(2016-2017) Research Fellow of Transparency International Bangladesh for conducting research on Democratic Decentralisation and Promotion of Accountability in Urban Development of Bangladesh.

(2016) Research Analyst (Livelihood), End Review of Household Economic and Food Security of Extreme Poor in Khulna and Bagerhat Districts, Save the Children, Bangladesh.

(2016) Research Coordinator, Final Evaluation of the Save the Children Shiree Innovation Fund Round 4 Project, Save the Children, Bangladesh. 

Peer Reviewed articles

Articles in Process:

Md. Ashiq Ur Rahman & Astrid Ley: Institutionalising informal networks of the urban poor under an enabling paradigm: A case study on Greenland slum of Khulna city in Bangladesh, International Journal of Urban Sustainability (IJUSD).

Md. Ashiq Ur Rahman & Astrid Ley: Micro-Credit or Group Savings, Which Works Better for Housing the Urban Poor in Bangladesh? International Journal of Housing Policy.

Published Articles:

Hossain, M. Z. and Rahman, M. A. U. (2018): Adaptation to climate change as resilience for urban extreme poor: lessons learned from targeted asset transfers programmes in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 20(1), 407–432.

Hossain, M. Z. and Rahman, M. A. U. (2017): Pro-poor adaptation for the urban extreme poor in the context of climate change: A study on Dhaka City, Bangladesh. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 10(3), 389–406.

Rahman, M. A. U., Hossain, M. Z. and Kabir, M. E. (2016): Operationalizing community-led housing in practice: Lessons from Bangkok, Thailand and Mumbai, India. International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, 5(2), 564–578.

Rahman, M.A.U. (2016): Urban sustainability through strategic planning: A case of metropolitan planning in Khulna city, Bangladesh. Journal of Urban Management, 5, 16-22.

Kabir, M. E., Rahman, M. and Rahman, M. A. U. (2016): Effects of household characteristics on homegarden characteristics in Kalaroa Upazila, Satkhira District, Bangladesh. Small-scale forestry, 15(4), 443-461.

Rahman, M. A. U. (2015): Coordination of urban planning organizations as a process of achieving effective and socially just planning: A case of Dhaka city, Bangladesh. International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, 4, 330–340.

Rahman, M.A.U., (2013): “Who am I a Planner in Context of Bangladesh; Positioning the Planner in Planning Process” Proceedings of the International Conference on Academic Enhancement, Khulna University, Bangladesh ISBN Number: 978-984-33-6727-3

Rahman, M.A.U., Wang, Y.P. & Smith, H.C., (2011): “Can enabling approach promote the transformation for scaling up pro-poor housing initiatives in Bangladesh?” 12th NAERUS Conference 2011, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ISBN Number: 978-84-92641-08-6

Rahman, M.A.U., Wang, Y.P. and Smith, H.C., (2011): “Can Democratic Decentralisation Promote Good Governance for Housing the Urban Poor in Bangladesh?” Working Paper, Published after the Conference on: 40 years of Bangladesh: Retrospect and Future Prospects organised by Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University, Bangladesh and Centre for Development Studies, Bath University, United Kingdom.

Rahman, M.A.U., Wang, Y.P. and Smith, H.C., (2011): “Evolution of Pro-poor Housing Practices: International Trend and Bangladesh Perspective.” European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) Conference, 2011, Toulouse, France.

Rahman, M.A.U., Wang, Y.P. and Smith, H.C., (2010): “Why housing acts as capital for sustainable livelihood in the low-income urban settlements of Bangladesh?” 6th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, 2011, Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Winner, Best Paper Award of the Conference)

Rahman, K.R., Rahman, M.A.U., Hossain, M.Z and Islam, M.S., (2010): Practicing governance: pitfalls and potentials - a study of Bangladesh. Journal of The Research Center of Business Management Through Projects, Faculty of Management Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, 2010, Romania.

Alam, M.A., Rahman, M. A. U., Hossain, M.Z. and Salauddin, M., (2009): Designing an effective water supply System for Khulna city: a GIS based approach. Journal of Planning: PLAN PLUS, Urban and Rural Planning Discipline Khulna University, Khulna, Vol. 5, 88-101.

Hossain, R., Ahsan, M. M., Hossain, M.Z. and Rahman, M. A. U., (2008): Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Cyclone Preparedness in Coastal Bangladesh. Book on Solutions to Coastal Disasters, ISBN-10: 0-7844-0968-4, American Society of Civil Engineers, Virginia.

Rahman, K.R., Afrin, S., Rahman, M.A.U. and Hossain, M.Z., (2007): Modelling System Coherence to Know the Pedestrians Level of Services in Dhaka City. Khulna University Studies, Vol. 8, 13-19.

Islam, M. S., Rahman, K.R., Rahman, M.A.U. and Hossain, M.Z., (2007): Environment and Sustainable Development of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Resources and Development, ISSN: 1683-1616, Vol. 4, 89-101.

Karim, R., Swapan, M. and Rahman, M.A.U. (2007): Automation of Water Supply Network of Gopalgonj Paurashava with Application of GIS. Khulna University Studies, Special Issue, 64-81.

Edited Books

Ongoing Book Project: Book Title - Housing and Human Settlements in a World of Change, ISBN Number - 978-3-8376-4942-0, Publisher - Transcript, Edited by -  Astrid Ley, Md. Ashiq Ur Rahman & Josefine Fokdal

“Higher Education Quality Enhancement in Bangladesh” published by Higher Education Quality Enhancement project (HEQEP) of Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh funded by the World Bank and UGC

“Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh: Potentials, Challenges and Stakeholders’ Responses” published by WaterAid Bangladesh


This course aims to introduce the challenges associated with housing in third world countries having special emphasis on Bangladesh context. It discusses the housing conditions, policies and organization. It introduces different tools and techniques to develop urban housing strategies. It also discusses the salient features of low income housing and possible options for securing the shelter of the urban poor. At the end of this course, students will be able to critically assess issues and practices related to housing and will be able to develop professional skills to apply different theoretical underpinning and tools of housing strategies.


Tools for Community Participation (Studio)

This course provides understanding of tools that provide a broad range of strategies to affirm community values, needs and aspirations, which become the drivers of plans that reflect and advance the community’s vision for the future. This course has been designed in a way that will help the students to conduct participatory research.  


Urban Development Planning

This course aims to introduce the theoretical underpinnings of different planning approaches. It discusses the major planning paradigms and issues in contemporary urban planning practices. This course also discusses different challenges associated with urban development in third world perspective. It also familiarizes students with different theoretical, organizational and practical issues involved in urban development.  

Urban Governance

The course is designed to explore the issues of governance of cities in the wider context of development and globalization. Under this course the roles, relations, and actions of actors in civil society, public and private sectors will be examined in theory and practice to understand the challenges associated with urban development, .

Planning Workshop

This course aims to introduce the major thematic areas of urban and rural planning. The contemporary issues will be discussed through individual workshop. It also familiarizes students with different theoretical, organizational and practical issues of urban and rural planning.

Development Policy and Planning

This course provides a critical overview of development theory. Students of this course are expected to learn and understand the macro-economic development philosophies which articulate planning practices in developing countries

  • Housing
  • Tools for Community Participation (Studio)
  • Urban Development Planning
  • Urban Governance
  • Planning Workshop
  • Development Policy and Planning