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Md Mostafizur Rahman
Associate Professor

October 2008–July 2010

Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany and

International University of Catalunya, Barcelone, Spain


Degree: MSc in International Cooperation and Urban Development,

a joint European Master Programme (2 year with thesis)

Special Award: Erasmus Mundus scholarship (2008-2010)

September 2000–November 2004

Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh


Degree: Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning (4 year with thesis)

Special Award: Khulna University Scholarship (2000-2004)


August 1997- May 1999

Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Degree: Higher Secondary Certificate

January 1987- July1997

Khulna Zilla School, Khulna, Bangladesh


Degree: Secondary School Certificate

Social protection and welfare policy; Seasonal migration; Social cohesion in ethnic communities; Informal learning in disaster management

I believe my more than twelve years experience in Development Planning engaging both Public and Private sectors have equipped me to make a contribution to urban and regional development planning programs. During my career, currently as an Assistant Professor and formerly as a lecturer of Urban and Rural Planning, Khulna University, I have employed my expertise in urban and regional planning to deliver high standard, quality lectures at undergraduate and graduate level. At present, it is my aspiration to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge in a broader context that ultimately can contribute to the production of future planning professionals in a challenging and stimulating environment.

November 2010–Present

Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Khulna University

Khulna, Bangladesh

 Assistant Professor of Urban Planning (Full-time, permanent position)

  • Designed and managed an online learning management system (LMS) in Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh to maintain the undergraduate and graduate-level courses and to share knowledge and learning outcomes of each individual course with approximately 145 students and 20 faculty members (
  • Conducted two days training program on ‘Understanding the coastal communities and their problems: A qualitative research design perspective’ using NVivo 11 (a qualitative data analysis software) with 20 participants both the academics and professionals working in non-governmental sectors.
  • Devised and co-led participatory evaluation to examine and report on all aspects of two development projects initiated by Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Khulna University (2 projects- ‘Learning enhancement in urban planning graduate education for meeting challenges of the 21st century’ funded by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, and ‘Modelling climate change with GIS application to ensure food security in coastal areas of Bangladesh’ funded by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh).
  •  Formulated training, seminar series and workshops on urban analysis techniques, project planning and evaluation strategies in Bangladesh (2 international training programs with 50 professionals jointly organized by Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Bangladesh and University of Michigan-Flint, USA; and Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Bangladesh and Auburn University, USA).
  • Pro-actively perform tasks, e.g. evaluate on average 35 undergraduate students in courses like introduction to urban affairs and planning, urban design and conservation, and urban development planning; update the brochure of Urban and Rural Planning Discipline to broaden the scope of urban and regional planning professionals to clients.
  • Prepare and implement urban development projects for Public organizations such as the Khulna City Corporations, the Khulna Development Authority, and Non-government organizations. While in private practice, I have acted as an adviser to develop proposals, select project area and stakeholders, seek approval from legal authorities, and prepare evaluation reports.
  • Supervision of undergraduate and graduate students in developing research projects as a requirement of complete their academic degrees.
  • Participate in seminars and workshops related to planning and development subject matter both at the national and international level in order to publish research outcomes and to develop interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at channelling urban planning knowledge from the perspectives of developing countries.


June 2006–October 2010

Urban and Rural Planning, Khulna University

Khulna, Bangladesh

Lecturer of Urban Planning (Full-time, permanent position)

  • Collected data through engaging the multiple stakeholders from the southwest coastal community in a disaster management project undertaken by Urban and Rural Planning Discipline funded by UNDP-CDMP (Participated in the data collection and analysis process engaging 300 poor households in building resilience through all hazards early warning dissemination system).
  • Arranged community consultation meetings with stakeholders about different development projects taken by government and non-government organizations.
  • Acted as Client Support Adviser to the Planning and Development Research Centre unit of Khulna University, providing advice to the local government institutions, non-government organizations, and private land developers.
  • Contributed to formulate high standard course curriculum, in particular, research methods for urban planners, and development policy and control mechanisms in developing countries to support current and future urban planning professionals.
  • Developed strategies to offer sustainable water management practices to poor and disadvantaged communities (Initiated a project under the Planning and Development Research Centre unit- ‘Access to public water resources by the poor and disadvantaged community’ involving 35 households to analyze the government’s development and control of water bodies management policies).
  • Supervised undergraduate students in developing research projects as a requirement of complete their academic degrees and evaluated students’ class assignments and complied marks for submission to the Khulna University Academic Council. 
  • Actively worked with undergraduate and graduate students during their fieldwork and studio projects, and provided critical feedback on their professional work.

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