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Dr. Anirban Mostafa


Research Interest:

·    Urban and rural housing policy; Housing for special need; Pro-poor housing provision; Housing affordability; Informal sector up gradation; Climate change and human settlements; Climate resilient built environment; Sustainable community and livelihood.


·         Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Housing), Department of Building and Real Estate, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2008.

·         Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), Architecture Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh, 1997.




Journal Papers 

  •  Mostafa, A., Wong, F. K. W. and Hui, E. C. M. (2005) A study of housing affordability in relation to economic development in Hong Kong, The International Journal of Construction Management, Vol. 5, pp. 35-49 
  • Mostafa, A., Wong, F. K. W. and Hui, E. C. M. (2006) Relationship between Housing Affordability and Economic Development in Mainland China - The Case of Shanghai, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Vol. 132 (1), pp. 62-70

Conference Papers

  • Mostafa, A., and Parvin, A. (2012) Learning from the Living Laboratory: Towards Responsive Design Pedagogy, in the Proceedings of the International Seminar on Architecture: Education, Practice and Research, 2-4 February, 2012, pp. 292-301. 
  • Parvin, A., and Mostafa, A. (2010) Re-thinking Disaster-Prone Vernacular Settlement: A Comprehensive Strategic Planning towards Disaster-Adaptive Settlements in Bangladesh,Proceedings of 5th International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements (ISVS 5), 30-31 July, 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Parvin, A, and Mostafa, A (2010) Sustainable re-invention of the industrial areas of Khulna: Strategic Planning Implications, Proceedings of the 16thAnnual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 30 May-01 June, 2010, Hong Kong
  • Mostafa A., Wong, F.K.W., and Hui, E.C.M. (2007) Rent setting mechanism and housing affordability; the case of public housing in Hong Kong, APNHR Conference, 30 August-01 September 2007, Soul, Korea.
  • Mostafa, A., Wong, K.W., and Hui, E.C.M. (2006) The effect of economic indicators on housing affordability : the case of public housing in Hong Kong, Faculty Post Graduate Research Conference 2006 , Faculty of Construction and Land Use, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 4 November 2006, Hong Kong , pp. 82 – 88
  • Mostafa, A., Wong, K.W., & Hui, C.M. (2006 ) Factors affecting the housing affordability of the public housing tenants in Hong Kong, International Conference on Sustainable Housing 2006 (ICSH’06) 18-19 September 2006, Malaysia ,pp. 303 – 309
  • Mostafa, A., Wong, K.W., & Hui, C.M. (2005) A conceptual framework for housing provision based on housing affordability: the case of Hong Kong, Housing and Globalization, APNHR Conference, 6-8 September, Kobe, Japan, pp. 148-154.
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  • Mostafa, A., Wong, K.W., & Hui, E. C. M. (2004) A Study of Housing Provision System toward Housing Affordability in the Context of Shanghai, Housing and Social Development: Emerging Theoretical Issues in Asia-Pacific, APNHR Conference, The University of Hong Kong, February, CD-ROM
  • Mostafa, A., Wong, F. K. W. and Hui, E. C. M. (2003) The Influence of Economic Growth on Housing Affordability: The case of Hong Kong, Proceedings of CIB Student Chapters International Symposium on Innovation in Construction and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 26-27 September 2003, pp. 417-425