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Dr. Kh. Mahfuz-ud-Darain

Professor & Discipline Head

Research Interest:

·         Heritage conservation

·         Heritage materials characterization

·         Structural strengthening

·         Structural assessment using numerical analysis (e.g. Finite Element method)

·         Structural behaviour of RC member


I obtained My Masters (Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions in University of Minho (Portugal) and Czech Technical University (Czech Republic) under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (European Commission funded).




Journal Papers (peer- reviewed)

1.             A B M Saiful Islam, Syed Ishtiaq Ahmad, MohdZaminJumaat, Raja RizwanHussain, Mohammed AshiqurRehman, K M Darain (2014)                              Efficient Design in Building Construction with Rubber Bearing in Medium Risk Seismicity: Case Study & Assessment. Journal of Civil                              Engineering and Management, ISI, Vol. 20:  pp. 1-11.

2.             K M Darain, A Ahsan, A B M S Islam, M Obaydullah, R S M Rashid (2014)  Investigating the deterioration of an industrial heritage structure.                    Int. J. Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems. ISSN 2043-8621. Vol. 1, No.3, p. 282-302.

3.             A B M S Islam, R RHussain, M Z Jumaat, K M Darain (2014) Implication of rubber- steel bearing nonlinear models on soft story structures.                      Computers and Concrete. ISSN 1598-8198. Vol. 13:  No. 5.  p. 563-579.

4.             A. Ahsan, N. Syuhada, E. Jolhi, K M Darain, M.K Rowshon, M. Jakariya, S. Shafie, A.H. Ghazali (2014) Assessment of Distillate                                      Water Quality Parameters Produced by Solar Still for Potable Usage. Fresenius   Environmental Bulletin. ISSN 1018-4619. Vol. 23:  No. 3a.                       p.859-866.

5.              K M Darain, A Ahsan, A B M S Islam (2013) Assessing Structural Damages of a Heritage Building. Research in Civil and Environmental                           Engineering. Vol. 1:  No. 4.  p. 226-233. ISSN 2345-3109.

6.              K M Darain, A B M S Rahman, A Ahsan, A B M S Islam, B Yusuf (2013) Brick Manufacturing Practice in Bangladesh: A Review of Energy                       Efficacy and Air Pollution Scenarios. Journal of Hydrology and Environment Research. ISSN 2201-7313. Vol. 1:  No. 1.  p. 60-69.

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9.               B BSarma, K M Darain (2006) BPRI (Burnt-Pot Roof Insulation), the novel method of roof insulation in Bangladesh. KU Studies. Special                          Edition:  p.01-05. ISSN 1563-0897.

10.            K M Darain, M Z Jumaat, AA Hossain, M A Hosen, M Obaydullah and I Hossain. Automated Serviceability prediction of NSM strengthened                     structure using a fuzzy logic expert system. Journal Expert Systems with Applications (In Press).

11.            K M Darain, M Z Jumaat,A Ahsan, M. Obaydullah, A B M S Islam and M A Hosen. A Review of the Corrosion Behavior of Metallic Heritage                   Structures and Artifacts. Journal RSC advances (under Review).

12.           K M Darain, M Z Jumaat, A B M S Islam,M. Obaydullah, A. Iqbal and M I Adham. Energy efficient brick kilns for sustainable environment.                      The Scientific World Journal (under review).


Conference papers(peer- reviewed)

13.           M Obaydullah, MohdZaminJumaat, K M Darain, MdAkter Hosen (2014)  Intermediate Anchorage to Prevent Premature Intermediate Crack                      Induced Debonding in CFRP Strengthened RC Beams. In: 3rd Asian Conference on Civil, Material and Environmental Sciences. Edited                              by:JonathanDamiani. Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan:  Higher Education Forum.

14.          MdAkter Hosen, MohdZaminJumaat, K M Darain, M Obaydullah, A B M Saiful Islam (2014)  Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams with NSM                Steel Bars. In: IICBE International Conference (FAB-2014).  Edited by:P.S. Sandhu and Md. Aminur Rahman.. pp. 13-18 International Institute                 of Chemical, Biological & Environment Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:  ISBN- 978-93-82242-98-7.

15.          M Obaydullah,MohdZaminJumaat, Md. AshrafulAlam, Kh. MahfuzUdDarain, and Md. Akter Hosen. (2014) L Shaped End Anchors to
               Eliminate Premature Plate End Debonding in Strengthened RC Beams. IWCEA-2014, International Workshop on Civil Engineering and                              Architecture. 8-9 August, 2014, Istanbul/Turkey.

16.           M Obaydullah, MohdZaminJumaat, MdAkter Hosen, K M Darain (2014)  Strengthening methods to enhance the performance of structural
                elements. In: 2nd Australasia and South East Asia Conference in Structural Engineering and Construction.  Edited by: Korchoke
                Chantawarangul and Weerarkaset Suanpaga. Department of Civil Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand:  ISEC Society.

17.           K M Darain, M Z Jumaat, M Obaydullah, M A Hosen, M M Rahman, A Alam (2014) Anchorage Performance of Externally Bonded RC Beam                   with Genetic Algorithm Optimization In: 2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD-2014),
                14- 16 February, 2014. Edited by:Q.S. Hossain, K.M.S. Islam, M.H. Rashid, K.M. Hassan, M.S. Ali, M. Rokonuzzaman and A.Z. Morshed p.                     1375-1382. Department of Civil Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), Khulna-9203, Bangladesh.

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