Architecture Discipline, Khulna University




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S. M. Nazimuddin

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:

  • Contemporary art and architecture
  • Urbanization and Housing
  • Architectural heritage conservation



M.Phill (on going), Jahangir Nagar University, Dhaka

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), Architecture Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna.




  • Publications

     1.  “Preserving The Architectural Heritage of Bangladesh – An Approach to Digital Documentation.”

    Hafizur Rahaman,  A.T.M. Masood Reza, Nurul Kabir  & S.M. Nazimuddin

    Published in ‘Pratnatattva’- Journal of the Department of archaeology, Jahangirnagar University, vol.14, June 2008 


    2. “A Review Of The Corrosion Behavior Of Metallic Heritage Structures And Artifacts

    K. M. Darain, M. Z. Jumaat, S. M. Nazimuddin, A. Ahsanc, R. Rashid, M. M. A. Azizd, M. Obaydullah, A. B. M. S. Islam

    Published in  ‘Jurnol Teknologi’ from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,vol 77:1,pp205-218,2015


    3.”Synchronous Location-Aware Media And Augmented Visualization For Real World Tourist  (Smart) – An Application For Khalifatabad Heritage Site, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

     Hafizur Rahaman, S.M. Nazimuddin Auditi Bridget, Esfaqure Rahman Esfaqure Rahman,Raihan Khan

    -Published in the proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia (VSMM),Kualalampur,17th-21st October,2016

    (Date Added to IEEE Xplore28 February 2017)


    4.”A Critical Review of the Main Challenges to Safe and sustainable Urban Cities

    - SK Kabir Ahmed,Shamim kobir ,S.M. Nazimuddin.

    Published in International Conference on Green Architreecture (ICGra 2018), 12-14 July 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp(68-75)



    5.Conserving Place Identity and Collective Memories in Regeneration of Informal Market Places: The Case of Nilkhet Book Market,Dhaka

    - Mohammad Moshfiqur Rahamn,S.M. Nazimuddin, Rumana Rahman ,Sk kabir Ahmed

    Published in International Conference on Green Architreecture (ICGra 2018), 12-14 July 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh,pp (171-179)