Message From Head

Welcome to the Architecture Discipline, Khulna University! With a profound commitment to the unique culture and architectural heritage of Bengal and its deltaic landscape, Architecture Discipline, Khulna University (ArchKU) produces a new generation of architects prepared to meet the emerging local, regional and global challenges. The discipline creates a stimulating learning environment that promotes imagination, inquiry and experimentation reflecting upon the context-bound design problems within the existing contextualized knowledge base. As one of the leading architecture schools in Bangladesh, we attract extraordinary students, staffs and visitors from home and abroad. With expertise in divers fields, our tutors are dedicated to research and teaching, encompassing responsive pedagogical praxis, interdisciplinary collaborations and multidisciplinary work methodologies. Our graduates are the most sought after in the job places, and especially known for their commitment, creativity and skills. Work produced by our graduates and students is regularly awarded prizes for its outstanding quality and originality and exhibited at renowned galleries and events. The discipline’s Degree Show attracts visitors from around the country and forms a key event in Khulna University campus. ArchKU offers resources, including libraries, labs and ICT facilities. It also organizes lectures and seminar series, while hosting numerous informal learning events, dialogues and workshops. We look forward to welcoming you to ArchKU family. Professor Dr. Kh. Mahfuz-ud-Darain Head Architecture Discipline.

Prof. Dr. Kh. Mahfuz-ud-Darain
Discipline Head
Architecture Discipline ,
Khulna University.