Agrotechnology Discipline Khulna University , Khulna, Bangladesh




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Chhoa Mondal
Assistant Professor

Name of the Examination


Name of The Board/University

Year of passed

GPA scale




Jessore board



4.56 (72.96%)



Jessore board



4.40 (70.40%)

B. Sc. Ag. (hons.)


Khulna University



3.87 (77.40%)

Master of Science in Plant Pathology


Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh



3.914 (78.28%)

Molecular Plant Pathology

Bio-control of Fungi

Molecular Basis of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

Host- Pathogen Interaction

Fungal Genetics

Molecular characterization of microbes

2017-till to date: Assistant Professor

Teach Plant Pathology related courses to undergraduate and graduate students in class sizes averaging 50 students. Supervise undergraduate and MS student.

2015-2017: Lecturer  

Taught Plant Pathology and Entomology related courses to undergraduate students in class sizes averaging 35 students

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·   C. Mondal, S. Sultana, M. A. Mannan and S. A. K. U. Khan. 2016. Khan Preparation and Sensorial Evaluation of Pickles, Jam, Jelly and Squash Developed from Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus). J. Environ. Sci. & Natural Resources, 9(2): 35-41. DOI:

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