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S M Towhidur Rahman


Research Interest:

SME, Entrepreneurship development, Consumer behavior, Marketing, Regional Planning and Development


MBA (University of Dhaka)

BBA ( Khulna University)




Rahman, S. M. T. & Kabir, A. (2019) Do Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises Cluster Geographically in Khulna City? A Spatial Analysis. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(1) 28-31.

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Alam, M.K., Rahman, S.M.T. & Khanom, A. (2016) Understanding the Investors' Investment Decisions through Some Data Mining Tools - A Study in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). Business Review, 11 (01&02),10-19  

Rahman, S. M. T.,  Alam, M. K., Afroze, T. & Islam, M. A. (2015) Adoption of E-Technology in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - A Study in Khulna City of Bangladesh. Business Review, 10 (01&02),15-32

Hossain, M. S., Rahman, S. M. T. & Labony, S. S. (2015) Effects of Recruitment and Selection Process on Employee Turnover and Its Consequence on Organization's Profitability - A study on  Financial Sector of Bangladesh. European Journal of Business and Management , 7(35), 36-44   

Afroze, T. A., Rahman, S. M. T. & Yousuf, S. (2014) Multiple Borrowing through Micro-credit and Its Impact on Loan Repayment: Study in Bangladesh. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting. 5(21), 107-119

Rahman, S. M. T.,  Alam, M. K. & Kar, S. (2013) Factors considered Important for Establishing Small and Medium Enterprises by Women Entrepreneurs - A Study on Khulna City. Business and Management Horizons, 1(1) 171-190