Message From Head

On behalf of entire Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BGE) family of Khulna University, welcome to our website. BGE discipline in Khulna University offers undergraduate, MS and PhD level education. Our undergraduate program was launched in 1995 with a bold vision to produce quality biotech graduates for national and international arena. We have carefully designed our syllabus to tackle this multidisciplinary subject so that students can make their career in diverse allied fields. Over the years, we have developed laboratory facilities and teaching pedagogy to meet international standard. As a continuation, our graduates have kept their footprint in academia, research laboratories and industries in Bangladesh and all over the world. We have high quality faculty members covering expertise from various disciplines and also graduates from this discipline subsequently enriched teaching and research. Through national and international collaboration with academic institutions and industries, students get the opportunity to get in touch with world renowned researchers and it makes their dream big. I believe our graduates will carry on their success and will be the active member to meet the global biotechnology challenges.

Professor Dr. Sheikh Julfikar Hossain
Discipline Head
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Discipline ,
Khulna University.