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Nusrat Tazeen Tonu
Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Thesis), Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh.

B.Sc. (Thesis) in Chemistry, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

Physical Chemistry

Ongoing Project

Principal Investigator,Investigation of the adsorption capacity of carbon nanoparticle for the removal of heavy metals from waste water”. ID No. KU/RCell-04/2000-57, Research Cell, Khulna University, 2019.


A Novel Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Dihydroxybenzene Isomers (Graduate Research)

Chemical and Microbial Investigation on Tamarindus indica Seed Lipid (Undergraduate Research)

Published Articles

  1.  N. T. Tonu*, Md. Mahiuddin and A. K. Dutta, 2020, Comparative study on the Physico-chemical and antibacterial characteristics of Tamarindus indica and Momordica charantia seed lipid, International Journal of Chemical Studies, 8(2), pp. 1968-1972.
  2.  A. Syed, G. Kumar, N. T. Tonu*, S. Chakrabarty, Md. Mahiuddin and K. Hoque, 2020, An investigation on the adsorption capacity of carbon particle for the removal of Fe3+ ion from water, International Journal of Chemical Studies, 8(2), pp. 55-61.
  3.  Md. Mahiuddin, N. T. Tonu, Md. R. Zaman, C. Mondal and M. A. Rabbi, 2020, Characterization of Corncob and Areca nut stem-based Wood Vinegar as Potential Fungicides, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 24(1), pp. 106-110.
  4.  P. K. Dhar, Md. N. Uddin, M. H. Ara, N. T. Tonu2019, Heavy Metals Concentration in Vegetables, Fruits and Cereals and Associated Health Risk of Human in Khulna, Bangladesh, Journal of Water and Environmental Sciences, 3(1), pp. 453-459.
  5.  A. Kundu, D. K. Datta, N. T. Tonu* and M. R. Haque, 2018, Evaluating the Quality of Ground Water for Drinking Purpose in Jhenaidah Municipal Area, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science,Engineering and Technology, 7(10), pp. 10527-10536. 
  6.  S. Chakrabarty, N. T. Tonu and N. K. Saha, 2017, Removal of Iron (II) Ion from Aqueous Solution Using Waste Tea Leaves, The International Journal of Engineering and Science, 6(12), pp. 62-67.


  1. M. A. Yousuf, N. T. Tonu, M. Jamal, 2016, “A novel sensor for simultaneous detection of dihydroxybenzene isomers”, 1st  Symposium on Chemistry for Global Solidarity, ILC -03.