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Md. Ashfikur Rahman

  • Master in Development Studies from Khulna University, Bangladesh in 2018.
  • BSS (Hons) in Development Studies from Khulna University, Bangladesh in 2016.

Explore Socio-Economic and Environmental Challenges Impeding the Way of Sustainable Development | | Gender and Inequality in Health Care Service Utilization | | Vulnerable Livelihood Communities and Their Health Wellbeing | | Geriatric and Adolescents Mental Health | | Contemporary Public Health Issues in South-Asia | | Informal Economy and its Spillover Effects in Economic Empowerment of Underprivileged Society

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Inferential Statistics

This course introduces students for the sake of understanding and analyzing data. the course aimed to equip students with the tools needed to analyze real-world data and to justify their use through theory.


Peace, Conflict and Development

This course examines theoretical and practical frameworks for understanding conflict with particular attention to structures and dynamics inhibiting peace.

  • Inferential Statistics
  • Peace, Conflict and Development