Room: 3428, 3rd Floor, Kobi Jibanananda Das Academic Building, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.




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Bayezid Khan

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:



I have been teaching development studies at Khulna University, Khulna since July, 2016. Before joining Khulna University I worked as Fellow -Women Rights and Gender Equity at Action Aid Bangladesh. I had my engagement with Oxfam in Bangladesh where I worked as a Humanitarian Volunteer. I did my Internship at the Centre on Budget and Policy, Dhaka University.
During studentship, I proactively worked with a good number of youth-led voluntary and community organizations. I have developed my sense of teamwork, commitment towards work, mutual respect, effective communication, civic engagement, professionalism so I can relate these in my teaching strategy. I am committed to satisfactorily carrying out my duties and responsibilities. I have strong adaptability to a different environment and living conditions. I can work under tremendous pressure and thus I developed resistance power.


Employment Record: 

1. Khulna University: Lecturer of Development Studies ( 26/07/2016-25/07/2018)

2. ActionAid Bangladesh: Research Fellow (10/4/2016- 24/7/2016 )

3. Oxfam in Bangladesh: Humanitarian Volunteer (04/11/2015- 31/3/2016)

4. Centre on Budget and Policy: Intern (02/08/2015- 29/10/2015 )


1. Khan, B., Nabia, S. A. and Rahman, M. A. (2018). The effect of riverbank erosion on lives and livelihoods of rural people: a study on Nolian village, Khulna, Bangladesh. Journal of Science, Technology and Environment Informatics, 06(01), 466-473. Retrieved from

2. Rahman, M.A., Khan. B & Howlader, M. H. (2018). Secondary education in Bangladesh: issues and challenges. International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research, 6(2), 19–25. Retrieved from

3. Presented a paper on Human Elephant Conflict at “5th International Conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh” held at Dhaka University. Link: