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I am delighted to introduce the Development Studies Discipline, the second pioneer in Bangladesh to offer the Bachelor of Development Studies (BDS) degree. It is relatively the recent addition to the family of social science school in Khulna University. The faculty members are dedicated and aware of contemporary pedagogy while teaching the students. Development Studies is an emerging multidisciplinary subject which follows an interdisciplinary approach of education. At the conceptual level this Discipline offers courses that are clustered around economic growth, social equity and environmental protection. At operational level, this Discipline focuses on poverty alleviation, food security, health & sanitation and disaster risk reduction. Accordingly, the course curriculum of this Discipline heavily draws on combining knowledge of social sciences, arts and humanities, engineering sciences and even natural sciences. So the students of this discipline will have a comprehensive understanding of not only the past and present approaches and theories of development discourse but also the ancillary knowledge from other branches to explain and analyze the contemporary issues of development in our country and beyond. The diverse academic curriculum that we provide will also facilitate students in academic excellence, effectiveness and efficiency to accomplish their educational goals as we are committed to develop world-class human resources with capabilities to harness information for national development and provide added value and competitive advantage through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination. The discipline also encourages students to perform in different co-curricular activities (i.e. sports, debate, excursion, cultural events etc.) along with academic work which enlarge and build their mental faculty. It is our firm belief that the graduate degree from this subject will open multiple windows of job opportunities in national development agencies, multinational organizations, academic institutions and NGOs. So anyone wishes to design his future destiny as global development leader can choose his future graduate education niche at development studies discipline in Khulna University.

We cordially invite you to our discipline to discover a fascinating breadth and depth of educational possibilities. Thanks for taking the time to explore our academic community. Please feel free to contact us at 3rd academic building, 3rd floor, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.

Kazi Humayun Kabir


Development Studies Discipline

Khulna University


Welcome to Development Studies Discipline at Khulna University, Bangladesh
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Development Studies Discipline ,
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