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Firoz Ahmed
Associate Professor

Publication: Refereed Journals

Ahmed, F. (2020). Does Migration Matter for Household Welfare in Bangladesh? Migration and Development, 

Ahmed, M.F. and Billah, M.M. (2018) ‘Impact of sharecropping on rice productivity in some areas of Khulna district’, Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research, 43(3): 417-430.

Ahmed, M.F., Molla M.S. and Nasrin, N. (2017) ‘Does Microcredit Matter for Women Empowerment? A Household Level Study in Khulna District’ Business Review, 12(1-2), 9-22.

 Haider, M.Z., Ahmed, M.F. (2014) ‘Multipurpose uses of cyclone shelters: Quest for shelter sustainability and community development’, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 9, 1-11.

Ahmed, M.F. and Haider, M.Z. (2014) ‘Impact of salinity on rice production in the south-west region of Bangladesh’, Environmental Science: An Indian Journal, 9(4), 135-141.


 Papers Under submission

1. Determinants and Dynamics of Food Insecurity During COVID-19, with Asad Islam, Abu Siddique, Tabassum Rahman and Debayan Pakrashi,

2.   The partisan effect of information campaigns in "managed" elections: Evidence from Bangladesh, with Roland Hodler and Asad Islam (under review)

3. Awareness Campaigns during COVID-19 and Health Behavior: Evidence from Two Rapid Randomized Experiments in Bangladesh and India, with Abu Siddique, Tabassum Rahman, Deb Pakrashi, and Asad Islam, 

4.    Effect of Gender Inequality on Access to and Utilization of Maternal Health Services in Bangladesh, with Fahmida Akter Oni and Sk. Sharafat Hossen


Working Paper/Discussion Paper

Ahmed, F., Hodler, R. and Islam, A. (2020) Voting or abstaining in "managed" elections? A field experiment in Bangladesh. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Working paper # DP14608,



1. COVID-19 and Women’s Mental Health: Evidence from a Telecounseling Intervention in Rural Bangladesh, with Michael Vlassopoulos, Abu Siddique, Tabassum Rahman, Debayan Pakrashi and Asad Islam

2.  Income loss and wellbeing during COVID-19 lockdown in rural Bangladesh: Evidence from large household surveys, with, Tabassum Rahman, Abu Siddique, Asad Islam, and Debayan Pakrashi