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Md. Sariful Islam

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:


MSS in Economics, Khulna University

BSS (Hons.) in Economics, Khulna University


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Academic Experience

Lecturer: November 11, 2013 - November 10, 2015 (Two years).

Assistant Professor: November 11, 2015 - till now 

Research Experience

Co-Principle Investigator - 02

Research Assistant - 01

Assistant Consultant - 02


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Das, D.K., Islam, M.S., Hadiujjaman, S., Dutta, C. and Morshed, M. (2019). Health Cost of Salinity Contamination in Drinking Water: Evidence from Bangladesh, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 21(3) p.371-397 . 

Islam, M.S.  and Haider, M.H. (2018).  Poverty and Technical Efficiency in Presence of Heterogeneity in Household Behaviours: Evidence from Bangladesh. International Journal of Social Economics. 45(11), pp.1490-1514.

Haider, M.Z., Hossain, T., Siddiqui, O.I. and Islam, M.S. (2018). Economic Valuation of the Tourist Spots in Bangladesh. International Journal of Tourism Policy. 8(11), pp.42-64. 

Afrin, S., Haider, M.Z. and Islam, M.S. (2017). Optimal Use of Pesticide for Paddy Production in the South-west Region of Bangladesh, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy. 6(4), pp. 433-457. 

Afrin, S., Haider, M.Z. and Islam, M.S. (2017). Impact of Financial Inclusion on Technical Efficiency of Paddy Farmers in Bangladesh, Agricultural Finance Review. 77(4). pp.484-505,   

Das, C., Ahmed, S.N. and Islam, M.S. (2017). Welfare Gain through Controlling Emission from the Cement Manufacturing Factories in the South-western Bangladesh. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal. 28(5), pp.703-722. 

Das, D.K., Biswas, R. and Islam, M.S. (2014). Mobile phone, Money Transfer and Rural Economic Development in the South western Region of Bangladesh. Journal of Rural Development.