About Discipline

There is only one Earth to satisfy the demands of human race, while growing population and higher standards of living is increasing stresses on the planet Earth. Therefore, sustainable use of the Earth’s resources is the prime concern of 21st century. Understanding the complex nature of the Earth system is the key to predict the consequences of human activity and it requires the cooperation of scientists across many disciplines. The Environmental Science Discipline at the Khulna University, Bangladesh focuses on how the atmosphere, land, and oceans interact as a system, and how the Earth will change over a human lifetime.

Founded in 1996, the Environmental Science Discipline appeared as the pioneer in Bangladesh in providing high quality education and research opportunity in the science of environment as a system and got wide range of scope to support capacity building of both government and non-government organizations to promote sustainable development. Being located in the South West Coastal region of Bangladesh which is one of the most vulnerable areas to global climate change and sea level rise, the research focus of this discipline is highly concentrated in the environmental issues of this area with special attention in climate change adaptation. At present the discipline is enriched with 21 faculty members who have expertise on highly diverse area of science, engineering and management aspects of environment. It has five well equipped laboratories, two laboratory-cum-classrooms, E-learning center, seminar library and conference room. The Environmental Science Discipline has already gained reputation as one of the most influential academic department in Bangladesh devoted to studying environment as a system.