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Dr. Khandaker Anisul Huq

Ph. D. in Biology (1997), Tohoku University, Japan

M.S. in Biology (1993), Ryukyus University, Japan

B.Sc. Fisheries (1985) - Bangladesh Agricultural University.

Freshwater and Coastal Aquaculture, Freshwater Ecology, Fisheries Management and Conservation, Aquaculture Extension, Project Planning and Research Methodology

Research Experiences

I have conducted several research projects (13) funded by DFID, UGC, FAO, UNDP, WorldFish, BAS, Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology, Khulna University Research Cell etc. Research area covers diversified field like food security, livelihood of the poor community, environment, resource mobilization, biodiversity etc. I have capability of initiating, planning, formulating, implementing and evaluating short and long term project.  

Ongoing Research Project

Project Title: Development of in-situ Breeding technology of major crustacean Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and Adoption of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Culture of Prawn and Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) by applying probiotics. Duration: 2019-2021; Position: Principal Investigator; Funding agency:  Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC, NATP-2); Co-PI: Shikder Saiful Islam and Joyanta Bir

Completed Research Project (Last 7 Year)

1. Project Name: AQUAFISH INOVATION LAB project “Integrated Mola fish and gher/freshwater prawn farming with dyke cropping to increase household nutrition and earnings for rural farmers in Southwest Bangladesh”. Program activities funded in part by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under CA/LWA No. EPP-A-00-06-00012-00 and by participating US and Host Country institutions ; Duration: 2017-2018; Position: Principal Investigator

2. Project Name: An aquaculture inventory to improve the sector’s capacity to adapt to climate change impacts in the southern districts of Bangladesh, Duration: 2017-2018; Position: Principal InvestigatorFunding Agency: FAO and Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific ("NACA")

3. Project Name: Adoption of biofloc technology (BFT) in prawn in Eco-friendly  Aquaculture in coastal region of BangladeshDuration: 2016-2018; Position: Principal Investigator; Funding agency: Bangladesh Academy of Science and USDA

4. Project Title: Effect of probiotics on the production performance, bacterial quality and immune competence of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). Duration: 2013-2015 Position: Principal InvestigatorFunding Agency: Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Other completed Research Project


Project title

Supported Organization


Artificial spawning of Penaeid shrimp



Brood development and gonad maturation of some commercially important marine fishes (Sea bass and mullet)

ADB/World Bank/BFRI,Bangladesh Government


Environment friendly polyculture system of penaeid shrimp with milkfish (Chanos chanos).

ADB/World Bank/Bangladesh Government)

January to December, 2001

Fisheries resource and stock assessment in the Sundarbans under Sundarban World Heritage Biodiversity Project


 ADB/World Bank

1 April-2003- 31 March 2004

A comparative study of Carp-golda poly culture system with low cost feed and fertilization.


Khulna University Research Cell)

1 May2005- 31 March 2006

Mollusc marketing system through value chain analysis with special emphasis on livelihood of the poor fishers

DFID and organizing by BFRF)

1 May 2005-30  April 2006

Study on the shrimp farming on rice based eco-system in the Southwestern region on Bangladesh

Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology, Bangladesh)

March 2007- Feb. 2008

Fertilizer based carp-prawn polyculture for the marginal farmer

 University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, Agargaon, Dhaka 1207)

July 2007- June 2008

Fish sanctuaries of greater Khulna region and their impacts on sustainable production and biodiversity conservation

Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology, Bangladesh)

July 2007- June 2008

Fish Culture in Ponds and Rice Fields  by Poor Adivasi Households in Northwest and Northern Bangladesh: Performances evaluation and livelihood aspects

WorldFish and organizing by BFRF)

July 2009- June 2010

Brood stock development and breeding technique of commercially important   marine/brackishwater fishes (seabass, lates calcarifer; mullet, mugil cephalus; and parse, liza parsia)

Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology, Bangladesh

February2010- Jan, 2011

Culture of predatory fish (Channa striatus) using poultry waste, slaughter house waste and live feed. 

University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, Agargaon, Dhaka 1207