FMRT Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.



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Sudip Debnath
Assistant Professor


MSc in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands



Master of Business Administration

Khulna University, Bangladesh



MSc in Aquaculture

Khulna University, Bangladesh



BSc in Fisheries (Honors)

Khulna University, Bangladesh

       Fish Nutrition, Aquaculture Ecology.

Worked as Principal-Investigator (2017) entitled the project "Plankton diversity in relation to physico-chemical parameters of fish nursery ponds" funded by Khulna University Research Cell, Khulna University.

Worked as Co-Investigator (2017) entitled the project "Analysis of critical water quality parameter(s) so as to relate with larval massive mortality pattern in prawn hatchery" funded by Khulna University Research Cell, Khulna University.

Worked as Associate Researcher (2016) entitled the project "Effectiveness of Probiotics Uses in Extensive Shrimp Farming" funded by SOLIDARIDAD NETWORK ASIA (SNA), Bangladesh with support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Worked as Technical Expert-Nutrition (2015-2017) in the project entitled "Impact of treated faecal sludge on fish growth and associated health risk" funded by SNV, Netherland.

Worked as Research Associate (2012-2013) to undertake an assignment entitled "Development of a Framework for Simplification of Shrimp Supply Chain in Bangladesh" under the EU-funded project-Better Work and Standards Program-Better Fisheries Quality (BEST-BFQ) and Strengthening of fishery and aquaculture food safety and quality management system in Bangladesh (BEST), UNIDO.​​​

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Khanom, M., Golder, J., Chisty, M. A., Debnath, S., Arafat, S. T. and Parvez, M. S. (2017). Protein digestibility determination of different feed ingredient for Tilapia, Oreocromis mossamibcus using in vivo technique. International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB), 5(4): 1-6.

Parvez, M. S., Saha, S. R., Debnath, S. and Ahsan, N. (2017). Effect of Echerichia coli fortification in tilapia reared in indoor static water system. 14th Annual Scientific Conference 2017 of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science University. pp. 21-24.

Hasan, M. M., Nahar, S., Arafat, S. T., Debnath, S., Parvez, M. S., Rahman, S. M. and Ahsan, N. (2016). Proximate composition of edible aquatic vegetables: A preliminary assessment of four species from Bangladesh. Khulna University Studies, 13 (1): 49-53.

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