Message From Head

Fisheries and marine resource technology discipline has started its journey in the year of 1992 to satisfy the need of knowledgeable skilled personnel required for the sustainability of inland, coastal and marine fisheries resources in Bangladesh. The discipline offers one bachelor [BSc in Fisheries (honours)], four masters [MS in Aquaculture; MS in Fish Breeding and Genetics; MS in Coastal and Marine Science; and MS in Fish Processing and Quality Control] and PhD degrees. The degree programs cover fisheries related all theoretical and technical courses including basic sciences. Major strengths of the discipline are its highly qualified permanent faculty members, standard class size (43 per batch), recently updated syllabus, interdisciplinary approach of the courses, and close proximity to the coastal and marine part of the country, easy access to relevant stakeholders, highly equipped laboratories and experimental fish farms. The laboratories of the discipline are equipped enough to support different tests like proximate composition, PCR tests etc to support all stakeholders in addition to the students. The discipline has a very strong alumni association which is closely associated with academic and non-academic activities for ensuring the quality of the graduates. The graduates of this discipline have already acquired fame in governmental and non-governmental job markets. Our graduates are competent enough to meet the future challenges of fisheries related issues in the country and the globe as a whole.

Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rouf
Discipline Head
Fisheries & Marine Resources Technology Discipline ,
Khulna University.