Mathematics Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh Permanent Address: Village : Gondanga, Post Office : Islamkati, Upazilla: Tala, District: Satkhira, Bangladesh.




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Uzzwal Kumar Mallick
Assistant Professor

# M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics

                 Mathematics Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

# B.Sc. (Honours)

                 Mathematics Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Mathematical Biology, State Constraints, Nonlinear Dynamics on Environmental and Social Sciences

Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Discipline, 14.02.2019 to Present.


Khulna  University, Khulna, Bangladesh

Lecturer, Mathematics Discipline, 02.01.2017 to 13.02.2019.

One or more times Course Teacher in Mathematics Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh of the following Courses.

§   Mathematical Modeling (Math-4103)

§  Integral Equations (Math-4203)

§  Real Function Theory (Math-4209)

§  Classical Mechanics (Math-3211)

§  Linear Algebra-I (Math-2103)

§  Vector Analysis (Math-2101)

§  Geometry in Two Dimensions (Math-1105)

§  Geometry in Three Dimensions (Math-1203)

§  Computer Programming-II (FORTRAN) (Math-2205)

 One or more times Course Teacher in others Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh of the following Courses.

§  Advanced Calculus

§  Ordinary Differential Equations

§  Geometry in Two Dimensions

§  Differential Calculus

§  Integral Calculus

§  Algebra

§  Vector Analysis

§  Geometry in Three Dimensions

§  Numerical Analysis

§  Real Analysis


One or more times performer of the following Lab.

ü  Numerical Analysis Lab (Math-3210)

ü  Computer Programming-II (FORTRAN) Lab (Math-2206)

ü  MatLab-V (Math-3100)


             Advisor of the following B.Sc. Project Thesis:

1.      Semanta Kumar Biswas and Abir Hasan, “Effects of Global Warming on Sea-Level Rising: A Mathematical Model Approach”, December, 2019.

2.      Mariam Khatun and Taufiqua Mehrin, “Mathematical Analysis of a Model on Insufficient Cultivatable Land for Food Production due to Over Population in Bangladesh”, December, 2109.

3.      Jobayer Ahmed and Khan Anik Islam, “Mathematical Modeling and Analysis on Antibiotic Resistance in Presence of Immune System”, March, 2019.

4.      B. M. Rakibul Hasan and Md. Shaiful Islam, “Modeling the Effects of Algal Bloom on Dissolved Oxygen in Eutrophic Water Bodies”, March, 2019.

5.      Md. Nazmul Hossain and Abu Hasnat Md. Rafi, “Mathematical Analysis of Deforestation Due to Industrialization and Population Pressure”, December, 2018.

6.      S. M. Sheikh Sadi and Faiza Rahim, “Impact of Stress, Diet and Physical Exercise on Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus in presence of  Exogenous Insulin”, December, 2018.

7.      Shimu Karmaker and Fatema Yesmen Ruhi, “A Mathematical Analysis of a Model on Guava for Biological Pest Control”, February, 2018. (Published in Journal “Mathematical modelling in Engineering Problems”)

Journal Publications


M. H. A. Biswas, M. M. Haque and U. K. Mallick, Optimal Control Strategy for the Immunotherapeutic Treatment of HIV Infection with State Constraint, Optimal Control, Applications and Methods, 22 may, 2019.

S. Karmaker, F. Y. Ruhi and U. K. Mallick, Mathematical analysis of a model on guava for Biological Pest Control, AMSE journals-AMSE IIETA-Series: Mathematical modelling in Engineering Problems, 5(4): 427-440, 2018.

H, Mondol, U. K. Mallick and Md. H. A. Biswas, Mathematical modeling and predicting the current trends of human population growth in Bangladesh, AMSE journals-AMSE IIETA-Series: Advances in Modeling and Analysis A, 55(2): 62-69, 2018.

U. K. Mallick, M. H. A. Biswas, Optimal Analysis of Unemployment Model taking Policies to Control, Advanced Modeling and Optimization, 20 (1): 303-312, 2018.

M.H.A. Biswas, U.K. Mallick, S. Pervin and A. Islam, Curvature Invariants of Spherically Symmetric Schwarzschild Solution without Cosmological Constant, Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 4(1): 16-31, 2008.

 Accepted Journal Articles

U. K. Mallick, M. H. A. Biswas, Mathematical Approach with Optimal Control: Reduction of Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh, Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 9(2), June, 2020.

Submitted Journal Articles

U. K. Mallick, M. H. A. Biswas and Md. Azmol Huda, Functional Analysis for Immunotherapeutic Treatment of HIV, 2019.

U. K. Mallick, S. M. A. Rahman, M. H. A. Biswas, M. Samsuzzoha and S. K. Roy, Optimal Immunotherapeutic Treatment for HIV Infections to get targeted Virus free CD4+ T Cells, 2019.

 U. K. Mallick, F. Rahim and S. M. S. Sadi, Impact of Stress, Meal and Physical Exercise on Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus in presence of  Exogenous Insulin,  2019.

Conference Papers


*Best Track Paper Award – 2019 IEOM Bangkok Conference

M. H. A. Biswas, U. K. Mallick, M. S. Khatun and K. M. Parves, Optimal Control Applied to an Economic Model for Reducing Unemployment Problems in Bangladesh, Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Bangkok, Thailand, 1990-2000, 2019*.

U. K. Mallick, M. H. A. Biswas, Optimal control strategies applied to reduce the unemployed population, Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC), IEEE Region 10, 408-411, 2017.


 Conference Abstracts


M. H. A. Biswas and U. K. Mallick, “Advances of HAART to the immunotherapeutic treatment of HIV infection: an optimal control approach”, Infectious Disease and STD-AIDS, EuroSciCon, Rome Italy, April. 26-27, pp.  69, ISSN-2471-8084, 2018.

M. H. A. Biswas and U. K. Mallick, “Modeling the impact of climate change on vector-borne disease in Bangladesh”, Ninth Workshop Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences DSABNS 2018, Turin, Italy, February 7-9, ISBN-978-989-98750-4-3,2018.