Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.



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Md. Anisur Rahman
Assistant Professor

PhD: On-going research on ELectrochemistry, Monash University, Australia

Master of Pharmacy (2013) Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (2010) Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Electrochemistry and elecetrochemical biosensor: Theoretical electrochemical studies of Polyoxometalates. 

1. Li, Jiezhen, Cameron L. Bentley, Sze Yin Tan, Venkata SS Mosali, Md Anisur Rahman, Samuel James Cobb, Si-Xuan Guo et al. "Impact of sp2 Carbon Edge Effects on the Electron Transfer Kinetics of the Ferrocene/Ferricenium Process at a Boron Doped Diamond Electrode in an Ionic Liquid." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2019).

2. Md. Anisur Rahman, S.K., A.S.M. Monjur-Al-Hossain, Nure Jinat and M.L.H. Ferdous, Samir Kumar Sadhu, Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of selected common edible fruits of Bangladesh. Stamford Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018. 8(1): p. 1-11.

3. Md. Anisur Rahman, A.S.M.M.-A.H., Bipin Kumar Nayak, Shamsunnahar Khushi and Md. Mahadhi Hasan., Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Leaves of Myrica esculenta Buch. Ham. (Family- Myricaceae). SOUTH ASIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE 2016: p. 147-153.

4. Asadullah Khan, A.S.M.M.A.H., Shamsunnahar Khushi, Md. Mahadhi Hasan and Md. Anisur Rahman, Antioxidant, Analgesic and Antidiarrhoeal Activities of the Ethanolic Extract of Caesalpinia bonduc L. Leaves. SOUTH ASIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE, 2016: p. 127-132.

5. A.S.M. Monjur-Al-Hossain, M.R.S., Md. Anisur Rahman, Shamsunnahar Khushi and A. B. M. Faroque, Effect of kollidon 90F and poloxamer188 on etoricoxib to enhance it’s dissolution property by simple physical mixing and fusion techniques. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014. 2(8): p. 807-813.

6. Hossain, M. L., Hossain MAASM, K. K. Sarkar, A. Hossin, and M. A. Rahman. "Phytochemical screening and the evaluation of the antioxidant, total phonelic content and analgesic properties of the plant Pandanus foetidus (family: pandanaceae)." Intl Res J Pharm 4, no. 2 (2013): 170-171.

7. Mishuk, Ahmed Ullah, Md Anisur Rahman, Shazia Afrin, Md Iqbal Ahmed, Samir Kumar Sadhu, and Faroque Hossain. "Assessment of phytochemical & pharmacological activities of the ethanol extracts of Xanthium indicum." IJPSR 3, no. 12 (2012): 4811-4817.

Conference Proceedings/Posters:

1. Md Anisur Rahman, Jiezhan Li, Alan M. Bond and Jie Zhang. Electron Transfer Kinetics Encompassing the Wide Potential Range Associated with theα-[S2W18O62]4-/5-/6-at Glassy Carbon and Metal Electrodes. in 69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry. 2018. Bologna, Italy.

2. Md Anisur Rahman, Alan M. Bond and Jie Zhang. Comparison of the Electron Transfer Kinetics of Electron Transfer Processes Associated with Reduction of α-[S2W18O62]4- at Boron Doped Diamond and Other Electrodes. in RACI CENTENARY CONGRESS 2017. 2017. Melbourne, Australia.