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Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors)


Faculty of Pharmacy, the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Master of Pharmacy



Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of  Dhaka, Bangladesh


Doctor of Philosophy

(PhD in Medical Science.)


Department of Human Pathology, Institute of Health Bio Sciences, The University of Tokushima, Japan

Postdoctoral Research

2010/10 to 2012/9

Department of Cell Biology, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases

Osaka University, Japan

# Pharmacogenomics: Association of genetic polymorphism especially single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with susceptibility, prognosis and treatment option in different types of human cancers

# Epigenetics: Role of miRNA in carcinogenesis and their possibility as therapeutic target

# Pharmacological evaluation of natural products from plant sources






Armed Forces Medical Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Part time Instructor


(Diploma in Pharmacy)

1996/6 to 1998/10

Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh



Research and Teaching

2000/5 to 2001/7

Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh


Assistant Professor

Research and Teaching

2001/7 to 2004/9

Graduate School of Medicine, The

University of Tokushima, Japan

Research Assistant



2006/6  to 2008/12

Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh




Research and Teaching

2004/9 to 2010/02/14

Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh



Research and Teaching

2010/02/15 to date

Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Product Officer

Training and Product Management

1998/10 to 2000/5



List of Publication


1.    Howlader, N.R., Rahman, M.M., Hossain, M.A., Sultana, R., Hossain, S.M., Mazid, M.A., Rahman, M.M. (2020) Genetic polymorphisms in DNA repair genes XRCC1 and 3 are associated with increased risk of breast cancer in Bangladeshi population. Breast Cancer Res Treat 182(2):739-750


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