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Dr. Nripendra Nath Biswas
Associate Professor







The University of New South Wales, Australia


Medicinal Chemistry


B. Pharm

Khulna University, Bangladesh



First Class  Marks:74.74%

H. S. C.

Jashore, Bangladesh



First Division

Marks: 75.90%

S. S. C.

Jashore, Bangladesh



First Division

Marks: 83.10%

Ø  Natural product chemistry especially collection, isolation, purification, Pharmacology.

Ø Organic synthesis targeting bioactive natural products as well as their pharmacological evaluation with the aim to develop novel drug molecules. 

12 Years Teaching and Research experience  in Khulna University, Bangladesh. 

4 Years PhD research in UNSW, Australia (Organic synthesis and Microbiological assays targeting bacterial Quorum Sensing inhibition).

Already supervised  37 undergraduate and 6 MS students and now 10 students are continuing their bachelor and MS thesis under my direct supervision.

As a principal investigator I have completed 2 projects funded by KURC and another project funded by UGC are ongoing on diuretic and laxative properties of mangrove plants.

I was a member of Purchase Committee for Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project-HEQEP (CP-6143) in Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh conducted in the year of 2017-2018.

Attended many national and international research seminar and presented own research work.

6 Years Pharmaceutical Industrial experience as Production pharmacist in BeximcoPharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh.

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