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Rinku Majumder
Assistant Professor

Mr. Rinku Majumder, Assistant Professor, Physics Discipline, Khulna University has completed his M.Sc. from the University of Rajshahi. His field of specialization is on " Theoretical and Computational Physics" based on Energy Density Functional (EDF) formalism and Density Functional Theory (DFT) incorporating FRESCO and CASTEP code, respectively. Mr. Majumder is doing his research on the investigation of physical behaviors of several functional materials ranging from half-Heuslers compounds to perovskite oxides using DFT. Mr. Majumder has completed two research projects under the grant of the University Research Cell wing of Khulna University. Two M.Sc. students have completed their M.Sc. thesis under his supervision and two students are currently working with him to complete their M.Sc. level Thesis work.      

M.Sc (Thesis) from University of Rajshahi, B.Sc. (Honours) from University of Rajshahi.

Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics

1. Assistant Professor, Physics Discipline, Khulna University.

2. Ex-lecturer, Physics Discipline, Khulna University.

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                                                                                               NB: * Stands for the corresponding author.