Message From Head

It is a great pleasure to introduce Physics Discipline of Khulna University. Physics is the basic science that deals at the most fundamental level with matter and energy, their interactions and transformation. It presents major challenges to the human mind and provides the foundation for engineering and the sciences. There is a continuous spectrum of exploration in physics, from the edge of our understanding to applications for everyday uses. Physicists are bound together in their passion to find and solve interesting and important puzzles for the benefit of all humanity, whether in academia or industry. Owing to its distinguished academic staff, our mission is the academic excellence in national and international platform and the leadership in physics. The Physics Discipline has started its functioning from 2009 at Khulna University under Science, Engineering and Technology School. In 2009-2010 academic years, the 1st intake of the undergraduate students has been taken. At present, Physics discipline is associated with more than 200 students and 16 faculties. This discipline has also been affiliated with a bachelor degree of science in physics (abbreviated as B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Physics), Masters in Physics (abbreviated as M.Sc. in Physics), M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree. The discipline is committed to providing the students’ required of modern science and technology. This discipline also committed to contribute in higher research and modern education system by developing proficient and expert manpower. Students could choice to do research in the field of Nuclear Physics, Health Physics, Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Electronics, Superconductivity, Plasma Physics, Optical Fiber Communication etc. from the discipline. A group of experienced and dedicated teachers has contributed to moderate the efficiency of student. That ensures our graduates by getting jobs in Public Universities, Nuclear Power Plant, Bangladesh Civil Services, Bank and other renowned national and international organization.

Dr. Md. Rashedur Rahman
Discipline Head
Physics Discipline ,
Khulna University.