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    Room # 3369, Sociology Discipline, Social Science School, Kabi Jibanananda Das, Academic Building, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh

Shaharior Rahman Razu
Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor (on study leave) of Sociology Discipline, Khulna University, and I am doing my PhD in the University of New England, Australia at the moment. I used to teach courses including Sociology of Health and Illness, Introduction to Sociology at Undergraduate and Graduate level in Khulna University. My research interest is primarily concerned with public health and gender issues. 

Doctor of Philosophy (Ongoing) 

School of Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health

University of New England, Australia 

Doctoral Research Training 

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences 

Chiang Mai University, Thailand 

Master of Social Science (MSS) in Sociology

Sociology Discipline, Social Science School

Khulna University, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Sociology

Sociology Discipline, Social Science School

Khulna University, Bangladesh

Health sociology; Health Management Policy; Gender and Health 

Associate Professor, Khulna University (05.09.2020- Present)

Assistant Professor, Khulna University  (05.09.2015-04.09.2020)

Lecturer, Khulna University  (05.09.2013-04.09.2015)

Part-time Lecturer, Khulna University  (15.07.2012-04.09.2013)

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  Selected Publications: 

§  Akter, S., Rahman, M. H. & Razu, S. R. (2021). Socio-demographic Factors Associated with Overweight and Obesity among the Primary School-going Children: A Cross-sectional Survey from Khulna district of Bangladesh. Journal of Population and Development. [Accepted]

§ Razu, S.R., Yasmin, T., Arif, T.B., Islam, M.S., Islam, S.M., Gesesew, H.A. & Ward, P. (2021). Challenges Faced by Healthcare Professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Inquiry from Bangladesh. Frontiers in Public Health. 9:647315. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2021.647315

§ Rahman, M. A., Halder, H. R., Siddiquee, T., Farjana, S. A., Roshid, H. O.,Khan, B., Fatema, N., Howlader, M. H. & Razu, S. R. (2021). Prevalence and determinants of double burden of malnutrition in Bangladesh: evidence from a nationwide cross-sectional survey. Nutrire. 46(11). doi: 10.1186/s41110-021-00140-w

·     Akter, S. & Razu, S. R. (2021). What determines the contraceptive use of married women in Bangladesh? A cross-sectional survey from Khulna District. International Public Health Journal, 13(3): 00-00 [Accepted]

·     Khatun, M. F, Parvin, M. F., Rashid, M. M., Alam, M. S., Kamrunnahar, M., Talukder, A., Razu, S. R., Ward, P. R. & Ali, M. (2021).  Mental Health of Physicians during COVID-19 Outbreak in Bangladesh: A Web-based Cross-sectional Survey. Frontiers in Public Health, 9: (1-7). doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2021.592058

·            Talukder, A., Hasan, M. M., Razu, S .R. & Hossain, M. Z. (2020). Early Marriage in Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional Study Exploring the Associated Factors. International Journal of Women’s Studies. 21(1): 68-78

·            Razu, S. R., Islam, S. S. & Das, D. K. 2019. Hostility and Violence Impeding Development of Children with a Disability: An Experience from Bangladesh. International Journal on Disability and Human Development. 18(1): 55-62

·       Razu, S. R. (2019). Determinants of Early Marriage among Women: An Experience from Rural Bangladesh. Gender Studies. 17(1): 127-136. DOI: 10.2478/genst-2019-0011 

·            Talukder, A., Razu, S .R., & Hossain, M. Z. (2018). Factors affecting stunting among under-five children in Bangladesh. Family Medicine & Primary Care Review, 20(4): 356-362.doi: 10.5114/fmpcr.2018.79348

·            Toma, A. S., Talukder, A., Khan, S. S., & Razu. S. R. (2018). An assessment of the association between antenatal care service and child malnutrition in Bangladesh. Family Medicine & Primary Care Review, 20(4): 373-378. doi: 10.5114/fmpcr.2018.79350

Sociology of Health and Illness

The sociology of health and illness course covers sociological pathology (causes of disease and illness), reasons for seeking particular types of medical aid, and patient compliance or noncompliance with medical regimes.


Introduction to Sociology

The Introduction to Sociology course offers a brief orientation of freshers to sociological theory, research, culture, socialization, interaction, class structure, organizations, deviance, and social stratification.


Research Proposal Development

The Research Proposal Development course provides a brief introduction to identifying potential ideas, choosing ideas to explore further, choosing and narrowing a topic, formulating a research question, and developing a working thesis.

  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Research Proposal Development