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Dr. Tuhin Roy
Associate Professor


Ph.D  in  Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, University of Dhaka

Thesis Title:

“Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions in Bangladesh: A case study on Selected Villages of South West Region”


Masters of Social Science (MSS) Sociology , University of Dhaka

First Class (60.95%)

Thesis Title:

“Vulnerable Occupation and Poverty : A Sociological study of Honey

Collectors of their Livelihoods in Dacope”


Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) Sociology , University of Dhaka

First Class (60.80%)

Thesis Title:

“Reproductive Rights among Urban Hindu Women: Study at Shakari

Bazar, Dhaka”


Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) similar to A level, Humanities

First Division


Secondary School Certificate (SSC) similar to O level, Science

First Division

Environmental Issues and Climate Change Adaption,  

Environmental Politics, Coastal risk Management

Disaster Management and Public Health, Sustainable Development

Population and Society – Vulnerable groups and their livelihoods

2009 - Present

Sociology Discipline, Khulna University

Associate Professor

Courses Conducted


B.S.S program

Ø  Introductory Sociology

Ø  Introduction to Social Research

Ø  Sociology of Organization

Ø  Social Statistics

Ø  Contemporary Bangladesh Society & Culture

Ø  Sociology of Criminology

Ø  Sociology of Environment

Ø  Classical Sociological Theory

Ø  Social Forestry

Ø  Sociology of Disaster

Ø  Industrial Sociology

Ø  Sociology of Mass

 M.S.S program

Ø  Issues and Problems of Development in South Asia

Ø  Development of Theoretical Perspective in Sociology

Ø  Population, Politics & Development

Ø  Advanced Research Monograph

Ø  Communication

Ø  Sociology of Third World

Ø  Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of Social Data


Feb’ 15, 2009 – Nov’ 02, 2009

Banglapedia Trust, Bangladesh Asiatic Society

Research Associate

Responsible for

Ø  Preliminary Editor,

Ø  Information Recorder

Ø  Article Reviewer

Ø  Contributor to Banglapedia (National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh)

Ø  Conduct short term Research

Jan’ 21, 2008 –

Jan’ 21, 2009

BRAC University

Teaching Assistant

Responsible for

Ø  Conduct Academic Classes

Ø  Assist to organize Departmental Cultural Program

Ø  Arrange study Tour

June 18 , 2007 – May 05, 2008

The University of Asia Pacific

Faculty Member(Part time)

Responsible for

Ø  Conduct Academic Class

Ø  Assist to organize Cultural and Academic Program

Sep’ 01, 2006 – Nov’ 01,2009

Department of Sanskrit, University of Dhaka

Lecturer in Sociology (part-time)

Responsible for

Ø  Conduct Academic Class

Ø  Involved in Disciplinary Research

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