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Md. Akhtarul Islam
Assistant Professor

M. S. in Statistics, Biostatistics & Informatics

Name of Institution             :  University of Dhaka

B. S. (Hons.) in Statistics, Biostatistics & Informatics

Name of Institution             :  University of Dhaka




    Regression analysis

    Statistical Computing

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered



Basic Statistics, Elements of Probability, Probability Distribution, Regression Analysis, Demography, Statistical Inference, Design of Experiments, Sampling Techniques, Stochastic Process, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Data Mining, Actuarial Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Research Methodology etc.

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   Shaharior Rahman Razu, Md. Abdul Jabbar, Md. Zobayer Hossain, Md. Akhtarul Islam and Shahinur Akter (2018).  Health Effects of Water Salinity in Coastal Regions: A Study from South-western Bangladesh. Int. J. Bus. Soc. Sci. Res. 6(2): 31-38. Retrieve from]



Islam, M.A. (2017). Factors influencing utilization of antenatal care services among pregnant Women in Bangladesh, a relative comparison of statistical models”. Approved by Khulna University Research Cell.