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Sohani Afroja
Assistant Professor

B.Sc ( Hons.) in Statistics, Department of Statistics, Jahangirnagar University.

M.Sc. in Statistics, Department of Statistics, Jahangirnagar University.

Regression analysis, Public health and Demographic.

1. Afroja, S., Islam, M., Hossen, M. E., & Biswas, T. K. (2018). Determines Hyperglycaemia Spreads in Generations with Multiple Complications That Imposing Towards Death. International Journal of Systems Science and Applied Mathematics, 3(2), 16.

2. Afroja, S., Rahman, M., & Islam, L. (2018). Women’s Autonomy and Reproductive Healthcare-Seeking Behavior in Bangladesh: Further Analysis of the 2014 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey. Biomedical Statistics and Informatics, 3(2), 22.

3.  Khan, M.S., Islam, M. A., Adhikary, S., Hossain, M.M. & Afroja, S. (2018). Analysis and Predictions of Seasonal Affected Weather Variables of Bangladesh: SARIMA  Models vs. Traditional Models. International Journal of Business and Management, 13.

4. Afroja, S., Kabir, M. R., & Islam, M. A. (2019). Analysis of determinants of severity levels of childhood anemia in Bangladesh using a proportional odds model. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health.