PhD Research Student Environmental Geochemistry Group Department of Earth Science and Engineering Imperial College London, UK




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Md. Hanif
Associate Professor

MS (France & Greece)

Environmental geochemistry, soil mineralogy, and nutrient cycles in soils

S. Nasrin, M. Hanif, N. Adhikari , M. Khatum and A. Monem, 2015. Ground water quality rating for agricultural usage in Kishoreganj aquifers under Nilphamari district of Bangladesh. Int. J. Sustain. Agril. Tec. 11(11):1-6.

N. Adhikari, S. Nasrin, S. Nahar and M. Hanif, 2013. Effects of Organic Farming on Soil Properties and Growth of Red Amaranth. Khulna University Studies. 11(1&2) and 12(1&2): 87-93.

M. Hanif, K. Rezoa, N. Adhikari and S. Nasrin, 2013. Influence of soil texture and land use practices on aggregate stability and soil organic carbon stocks. Khulna University Studies. 11(1&2) and 12(1&2): 129-138.

Rabbi, S.M.F., M.S. Amin, K. Rezoa and M. Hanif. 2010. Carbon Sequestration in soil aggregates under different cropping pattern in Ganges meander and Ganges tidal floodplains of Khulna region. Khulna University Studies, Special Issue (SESB): 21-29.

M. Hanif, M.A. Matin, S. Nasrin, M.R. Khan and K. Fatama, 2009. Effect of tillage intensity, fertilizer and poultry manure on yield and yield contributing characters of wheat. South Asian J. Agric.4(1&2): 137-141.