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Md Sadiqul Amin
Associate Professor

MSc (DU)

Soil Chemistry, Nutrient Dynamics, 

         Experiences in teaching:


i) As Lecturer (Joining date: 22-06-2004, Tenure of service: 3 years,

ii) As Assistant Professor (Joining date: 22-06-2007, Tenure of service: 5 years,

 Present Position: Associate Professor  (Joining date: 22-06-2012 till date)

Experiences at a residential University and Abilities for improving the corporate activities of students:

Served Khulna University as Assistant Director of Student Affairs (ADSA), Khulna University. Tenure: 08/07/2008 to 24/01/2016.

Others Professional Experiences:

 Project Supervised:

  1. Carbon sequestration in soil aggregates under different cropping patterns of some areas of Bangladesh in the context of Global Climate Change. Supported by UGC (University Grants Commission, Bangladesh).
  2. Assessment of spatial variability of soil physical, chemical and biological quality. Supported by UGC (University Grants Commission, Bangladesh).
  3. Evaluation of Tilth Index of soils under different cropping patterns. Supported by UGC.
  4. Assessment of Aggregate stability of soils of Ganges Floodplain of Bangladesh. Supported by SRDI & BARC.
  5. Short term effects of saline water application on some chemical properties of soils. Supported by UGC.

F.      Characterization of peat soil and application of Azolla with urea in rice cultivation. Supported by Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology, Bangladesh.

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Conference Papers

Rabbi, S.M.F., M.S. Amin, M.S. Islam, K. Rezoa, T. Khandakar and S. Hoque. 2008. Carbon sequestration in soil aggregates under conventional tillage with different cropping patterns in Ganges Alluvium of Bangladesh. International symposium on climate change and food security in South Asia.Held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 25-30, 2008.


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